Warhammer Fest 2022 – Chaos is Coming for 40K!

The 2022 Warhammer Fest kicked off today with reveals for Warhammer 40K. Chaos was the spotlight of the reveals with lots of all new miniatures for forces when Codex: Space Marines releases.

New Possessed were revealed and they’re supersized. Now, the size of Space Marines in Gravis Armor, they’re filled with the power of Chaos. Their corruption are perfect for any Chaos force.

Chaos is also getting a lot of new fodder to offer up to the Dark Gods. Cultists are getting new miniatures, lots of new ones it looks like. The new miniatures look like they’ll fit in perfectly with the already released ones for Blackstone Fortress as well as even the classic metal miniatures!

We say there’s a lot of Cultists coming because there’s also Accursed Cultists featuring all sorts of Mutants!

Or how about Torments who have been even further twisted by dark rituals and daemonic influence!

And Cultists need some leadership… enter the Dark Commune! The priestly Cult Demagogue leads the congregation, accompanied by the psychic Mindwitch and inspiring Iconrach, all guarded by two Blessed Blades, whose sword skills keep unbelievers at bay.

Chaos is also getting a new Daemon Prince! The miniature looks impressive with a massive amount of options to make it a unique leader for your force. Did we mention you can also build the kit for Age of Sigmar? This one looks really cool and a must get!

Finally, the World Eaters are getting their own codex! The force won’t be a part of the new Chaos Codex and instead will be a force by themselves like the Death Guard and Thousand Sons. The release will feature new Khorne Berzerkers! Expect a return of old favorites and new weapons of war!

World Eaters

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