Warhammer Fest 2022: New Sylvaneth Revealed!

An update to the Sylvaneth is coming for Age of Sigmar as revealed during the second day of Warhammer Fest 2022.

The Lady of Vines is back after a death in the Realmgate Wars thanks to the god-queen of the Sylvaneth.

Joining her are Gossamid Archers! the lethal skirmishers have the power of flight due to the symbiotic zephyrspites using their movement to unleash their arrows that fire ravenous grubs that bore into your enemies!

New calvary are coming in the Spiterider Lancers! The cavalry are elite shock troops that are fast and strike foes before they can react.

Or, choose the Revenant Seekers which are a bit slower and are focused on resurrecting their allies.

Revenant Seekers

All of this is coming in Battletome: Syvlaneth which will be coming soon!

Battletome: Syvlaneth

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