Warhammer Fest 2023: Two warbands enter Gnarlwood in Warcry: Nightmare Quest

The next expansion for Warcry has been revealed, Warcry: Nightmare Quest. The box set contains everything you need to play and features the Questor Soulsworn taking on the Royal Beastflayers. Of course, both factions will wind up in Warhammer: Age of Sigmar with warscrolls of their own.

Warcry: Nightmare Quest

The Questor Soulsworn are usually solo agents wandering the realm but on occasion gather in warbands to take on perilous tasks.

The Royal Beastflayers act as gameskeepers for their vampiric kings stalking terrible beasts or innocent bystanders. They use Offal Hound to track down their quarry.

The box set also features terrain including the Realmshaper Engine. Nightmare Hunt also contains Might and Madness, a packed warband tome that details all the background information and rules for both warbands and includes quests that your single-minded zealots – both golden and grizzly – can undertake.

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