Warhammer Preview Online: Blood for the Blood God with a World Eaters reveal

We know the World Eaters are coming to Warhammer 40,000 and during the Warhammer Preview Online, we got a look at multiple new units coming to the tabletop.

The Eightbound are possessed by eight separate daemons of Khorne! That makes them terrifying close combat warriors.

Sometimes the Eightbound can be triumphant over their daemons and become one. These Exalted Eightbound are even more dangerous!

Jakhals are the World Eaters’ version of Chaos Cultists. Following Khorne, that means they’re focused on close combat and up close brutality.

The Lord on Juggernaut was given a better look with a beautiful update to the classic model.

And, an official look at Codex: World Eaters!

Codex: World Eaters

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