Warhammer+ Year Two Miniatures Revealed!

The first year of Warhammer+ is wrapping up and the second year begins soon! Not only does that mean new shows, battle reports, and more, it also means new rewards for subscribing, the exclusive Warhammer+ miniatures!

Games Workshop is focused on Chaos with two additions for the dark forces, one for Warhammer 40K and the other for Age of Sigmar.

Mibyllorr Darkfang might be for Age of Sigmar but would look great in Chaos forces for Warhammer 40K too. Azrakh the Annihilator is a classic picture brought to life taking inspiration from old Warhammer 40K art.

Getting the miniatures is easy. Just sign up or renew an annual subscription for Warhammer+ and you receive the miniature of your choice one month after subscribing and you can purchase the other one. Monthly subscribers will need to wait the full 12 months to claim theirs.

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