Warlord Games Announces Epic Battles: American Civil War

Warlord Games is wrapping up the year with the announcement of a brand new game in a brand new scale, Epic Battles: American Civil War. The American Civil War is one of the most studied military conflicts in history. With over 237 named battles with so many more minor actions and skirmishes, it features so much history and “what ifs” to recreate. Now, you can do exactly that with the Epic Battles system based on Black Power.

You can get started with Epic Battles: American Civil War with the “Starter Set“. It features both a Union army and a Confederate army each with 12 regiments (each of 100 men), 12 cannons, and 12 mounted commanders. That’s 2,400 infantry in a single box! The miniatures are in plastic sprues and easy to assemble with color coding. The box also includes rules, dice, and MDF scenery for the tabletop.

The box is available for pre-order now for $120.

Epic Battles: American Civil War Starter Set

You can expand your Union and Confederate forces with additional Brigades. Each Brigade box features three regiments. That’s three hundred men. Also featured are three cannons and three mounted commanders.

Pre-order the Union Brigade or the Confederate Brigade. They retail for $32 each.

And since it’s a tabletop miniature game, you need scenery packs! Warlord Games has you covered with two to get you started. You can get the “American Civil War scenery pack” which features three buildings. The “Gettysburg scenery pack” features the Seminary Building and Cemetery Gatehouse that were landmarks of the important battle. Each scenery pack retails for $48.

Warlord Games is also making it easy with a pre-order bundle. You get 30 regiments of troops, 30 cannons, and 30 mounted commanders. There’s also plenty of scenery. Also included is the Glory Hallelujah Black Power supplement which describes the history, armies, key leaders, doctrine, and tactics of the American Civil War, and includes a comprehensive set of army lists and optional rules for recreating the battles of that war in miniature.

Also, if you pre-order the bundle before December 27, the book will be signed by the author, Dr. David B. James.

Normally retailing for $280, the bundle is on sale for $252.

Finally, there’s two pre-order exclusive miniatures. Exclusive to pre-orders of the above starter bundle and the starter set, you’ll also have the opportunity to snag some exclusive Epic Battles miniatures – Confederate General Robert E. Lee and Union General George Meade, who led their troops to battle in the Battle of Gettysburg – perfect to go with that scenery pack!

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