Warlord Games Announces the Bolt Action Supply Drop Box

Warlord Games is creating an easy way to build up your Bolt Action collection with the Bolt Action Supply Drop Box.

The monthly crates are game-centric allowing gamers to easily build up a force.

June kicks off with the theme of “D-Day” and a crate to celebrate, “Operation Coastal Incursion“. The box ships out at the end of May so you can join in on June.

The first Bolt Action Supply Drop features:

  • 1 Box of Plastic Infantry
  • 1 Resin Vehicle
  • 1 Metal Blister
  • 1 Rulebook or Campaign book related to the miniatures

Each box has at a minimum 50% value add to the purchase. Unlike previous “boxes” from Warlord, this is not a mystery box and each Supply Drop Box has the same contents.

The box is limited to 500 so get yours now.

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