Warlord Games Unleashes Fire Ships Squadrons for Black Seas

Fire Ships were deliberately set ablaze and sent towards the enemy battleline where they would explode or set opposing ships alight. Usable by all nations in Black Seas, fire ships are a deadly (and fun!) addition to your Black Seas games.

In Black Seas, Fire ships are activated in Weather Gage order like any other ship. They will always travel directly forward unless affected by the wind or a collision – they will always fail collision tests, which is more or less the idea! Enemy (and friendly) ships would do well to make utmost effort to get out of their way, as if they come within 2″ of a fire ship, they are also set ablaze!

Black Seas: Fire Ships Squadron features three Black Seas fire ships made of metal and resin.

You can order yours now from Warlord Games!

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