Warlord Games’ Victory at Sea Gets New Pre-Orders Including the USS Yorktown, Akagi, and More

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Bolster your Pacific fleets with new Carriers for both the US Navy Fleet and Imperial Japanese Navy in your Victory at Sea games. Both the USS Yorktown and Akagi played key roles in their flees prior to the battle of Midway.

USS Yorktown

USS Yorktown was commissioned in 1937, and named for the battle of 1781. After Pearl Harbor, USS Yorktown transferred to the Pacific and took part in some of the first American offences of the war around the Gilbert and Marshall Islands. Despite damage sustained at the Battle of the Coral Sea, she played a key role in the Battle of Midway, with her aircraft being instrumental into the sinking of two Japanese Carriers.

She was, however, damaged in turn by Japanese aircraft, and any hopes of recovering the ship was dashed by a Japanese submarine, whose torpedoes struck the limping vessel shortly after the battle.

Pre-order – $30

USS Yorktown

Originally laid down as an Amagi-class battlecruiser, the stipulations of the Washington Treaty resulted in her conversion to an aircraft carrier. As a result, Akagi (赤城, “Red Castle”) was one of Japan’s first large aircraft carriers.

At the Battle of Midway, her aircraft bombarded the American held-atoll but she was subjected to the attacks of dive-bombers bound from USS Enterprise. The loss of four Japanese carriers at this engagement, including Akagi, was a key defeat for Japan, decisively shifting the balance of power in the Pacific theatre.

Pre-order – $30


There’s also new individual vessels. Previously only available as part of their respective Navy Fleet starter boxes, you can now pre-order these individual vessels as well as Destroyers in packs of three.

US Navy
Imperial Japanese Navy
Royal Navy

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