Warpfire Minis announces an update to their Warpcrate


Warpfire MinisWarpcrate has been a fun way to get random miniatures for Games Workshop‘s Warhammer 40K and Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. For $25 you received $40 of miniatures. You pick a minimum of three armies and how often you want to receive a box.

With price changes, the Warpcrate is getting an update.

The new Warpcrate will retail for $35 and guarantee at least $60 Games Workshop retail value. That guarantees a playable unit in each box. It also opens up the opportunity to include large kits like vehicles and monsters. In addition, factions that haven’t been available previously will now be an option. So, Leagues of Votann and Lumineth players, get ready.

The new Warpcrate will be capped so they can meet demand so people will want to head quickly to get theirs when the signups go live on December 6th at 12:00am!

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