Wil Wheaton to Host the Unrivaled Tournament Finale

Actor and geek culture icon, Wil Wheaton, will host the finale of the Unrivaled Tabletop Tournament Series at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino October 27-29.  Wil Wheaton, famous for his roles in Stand by MeStar Trek: The Next Generation, and The Big Bang Theory, is also the host of a popular web series TableTop that features Wil and his celebrity friends playing board and card games.

The Unrivaled Tabletop Tournament finale marks the end of a year-long series in which 289 game stores have hosted 1,606 satellite tournaments that led to fourteen regional tournaments all across the United States that are now leading to the finale in Las Vegas in which thousands of players will compete to become the champions of six popular board and card games. Champions will win up to $10,000 for each event and the stores that fielded the champion will receive matching prize money.

2017 is the inaugural year for the Unrivaled Tabletop Tournament Series.  It features six popular board games: King of Tokyo, Munchkin, Ascension, Epic Spell Wars, Nevermore and Villagers & Villains. Satellite qualifiers took place from April through June. The fourteen regional tournaments have been held at GameWorks locations and local game stores throughout the country. All of the events are being streamed live each Saturday.

The finale begins Friday night, October 27th with a Welcome Party at the GameWorks Las Vegas. Beginning on Saturday, the thousands of players will play down to final tables. The first three final tables will be broadcast live from the Jubilee Theater Saturday night beginning at 5:30pm. The last three final tables will be broadcast on Sunday afternoon beginning at Noon. It can be seen live on Twitch.tv, Oomba.tv, Facebook and YouTube.

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