With a New Edition of Warhammer 40k Comes New Codexes and Units

With the launch of the 9th Edition of Warhammer 40,000, Games Workshop held a “preview party” of what’s to come in the coming months.

As shouldn’t be surprising, the new edition will also be getting new Codexes.

Codex Necrons and Codex Space Marines

The first two to be released are Codex: Necrons and Codex: Space Marines which will be released in October.

The new Codex: Space Marines will replace the current 8th edition Codex as well as other “First Founding and Deathwatch codexes.”

In addition, players using Chapters covered in the last Space Marine codex can carry on using their expansions with the new book – White Scars, Imperial Fists, Iron Hands, Ultramarines, Salamanders, Raven Guard and Black Templars using their codex expansion in the Psychic Awakening series.

It’s also mentioned that Dark Angels, Space Wolves, Blood Angels, and Deathwatch will all be getting new codex supplements down the road to help tailor their army to really fit the chapter.

Codex: Necrons sees a complete reworking of the army to help diversify its gameplay. Players will be able to have a close-combat Necron force, a tide of Canoptek critters, a short-range force, it’s all there. There’s also new units and characters. What really stands out are new rules for custom dynasties and the legendary brass-armoured Szarekhan Dynasty. It sounds like Necrons will be getting a bit more choice along the lines of the other armies.

Space Marine Gladiator

The Space Marine Gladiator is a brand-new tank for Primaris Space Marines bringing the iconic Predator to their force.

The Gladiator is based on the Impulsor, like the Rhino was the basis of the Predator. And like the Predator there are multiple versions of the tank.

The Gladiator Valiant uses twin las-talons and multi-meltas to take on armor and heavy infantry.

The Gladiator Reaper is an infantry-killer. It features tempest bolters and twin heavy onslaught gatling cannons.

The Gladiator Lancer is an anti-tank sniper to take on war machines and monsters.


The reveal wasn’t all Space Marines, the Necrons saw some love too with a new Monolith.

The new Monolith is bigger than the original with more detail and more dangerous on the tabletop.

What’s next?

During the presentation, Games Workshop also revealed the video below teasing numerous new miniatures. It looks like new Tyranids, Chaos Terminators, Drukhari, an Ork Boy (new kit? Yes please!) and a new Sister of Battle which you can see below.

The Sister of Battle Palatine is a new battlefield commander who works under a Canoness to coordinate forces.

Sisters of Battle Palatine.

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