Wizards of the Coast Announces a Magic: The Gathering Strategy Board Game

MTG Board GameWizards of the Coast have announced the Magic: The Gathering Strategy Board Game. Believe it or not this is the first-ever Magic board game featuring epic spellcasting and tactical movement-based combat.

As a Planeswalker, you summon armies and cast game-changing spells to outmaneuver your foes. As you complete arena objectives to establish board control, you position yourself to launch your final strike.

The miniatures games is being co-developed by WotC and Hasbro’s “team responsible for Risk Legacy and Heroscape.” The game is meant for 2-5 players and take between 25-45 minutes. While it doesn’t use the collectible cards themselves, it does incorporate mechanics from it such as “deathtouch, “flying,” and “first strike.”

Taking place in the world of Shandalar and players take the role of an iconic Planeswalker. You then design the battlefield with a map, terrain, and power glyphs. Miniatures are then moved around the board, and spells cast to battle opponents.

The game will be out in Fall of 2015. Be the last Planeswalker standing!

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