WizKids and Lookout Games Announce Partnership!

WizKids has announced a new licensing partnership with Lookout Games GmbH to expand on their global hit board game, Agricola. The new product line (Agricola Upgrade Kits) will include new cards designed by Uwe Rosenberg and five highly detailed pre-painted figures for use with the Agricola base game. Each of the six expansions will contain figures for one player, and unique cards in each of the expansions.

Designed for 1-6 players, the revised edition of Agricola features all-wood components, new imagery and an updated card selection. The Agricola Upgrade Kit is great for both veteran players looking for a quality upgrade and new players jumping into the game fresh. Players can expect to find the new Agricola Upgrade Kits at their friendly local game store beginning in 2017.


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