Wizkids Announces Dice Masters Thanos Imperative Monthly OP

Thanos Imperative Monthly OP 1Wizkids has announced the latest organized play kit for their popular Dice Masters game. The play kit riffs off of a Marvel Comics storyline.

Follow Star-Lord and the Guardians of the Galaxy on their journey to help Thanos confront Mar Vell in a battle between life and death. Will you be able to defeat Mar Vell and destroy the Fault or will you be trapped in the Cancerverse forever?

Organized play events provide opportunities for stores to host local gaming events to get individuals to play in their stores with a chance to win limited edition cards.

The organized play kit features instructions as well as the following cards:


  • Five (5) Star-Lord: Reluctant Prince Limited Edition Alternate Art Competitive Cards
  • Twenty (20) Nova: Nova Prime Limited Edition Participation Prize Cards
  • Five (5) Thanos: Gauntlet Wielder Limited Edition Competitive Prize Cards


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