WizKids Begins to Tease Their Deadpool Dice Masters Set

Out in November, the next Marvel Dice Masters set is based on the world of Deadpool. WizKids has started to tease what we can expect in the set by showing off by the uncommon Dogpool and common Deadpool. The set gives us a “Deadpool” team (shocker) with cards that’ll play off of that, and it looks like at least one new keyword “Deadly.”

They’ve also revealed the first Inhumans card, Lockjaw! The common card looks to be an interesting spin on the name the die mechanic that can do some serious damage to weenie swarm builds.

The set not only features characters from the world of Deadpool and Weapon X, but also some Spider-Verse characters and the first appearance of Inhumans. Super rares will continue the “What If?” theme. The set also features foil versions of every card like the recent DC Comics Dice Masters: Green Arrow and The Flash.


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