WizKids' Dice Masters Classic Avengers Monthly OP Event

If you’re looking to add some classic Avengers to your Dice Masters you’re in luck as the next organized play event for WizKids‘ Dice Masters is Marvel Dice Masters: Classic Avengers. Organized play is exactly as it sounds and encourages stores to hold regular events where participants can win prizes and also receive items for just participating.

This OP kit features three cards, Iron Man: Pro Reg, Ant-Man: Classic Avenger, and Captain America: Classic Avenger. The first two cards are meant to be given out to those who perform the best in the events and the final cart is a participation card that everyone gets.

Ant-Man looks to be a new card using the Civil War set die, while Iron Man is also from that set with a card of the same name, and Captain America looks to be a new image for Civil War‘s Captain America: Freedom Fighter.


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