WizKids' Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men News

dicemasters_group2WizKids‘ President Justin Ziran took to the company’s blog to address the shortage of their latest (and newest hot) game, WizKids Dice Masters. The game, which has an Avengers vs. X-Men theme, spun out of another WizKids game Quarriors, with a collectible twist. 4 years later…..

The demand for the game has skyrocketed, especially after it debuted before retailers at the GAMA Trade Show. That lead to surge of interest for the starters, though boosters are available. Luckily, WizKids has rushed out 2 reprints, that will carry the product through to the next release in September X-Men.

Basically, expect some initial shortages, and WizKids has apologized. It’s an interesting blog post that goes into shipping and some other details that might be fascinating to those who like a peak behind the curtain that is the game business. It also shoots down some rumors running around.

So, knowing all of that, does this affect your interest in getting the game or when you plan to get it?



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