Wizkids Plans for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Heroclix

Superman Batman Booster Brick figures2016 will be a big year for DC Comics and Warner Bros with the release of the movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which brings three icons, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, together in a live action film. There’ll be a lot of tie-ins, and it should be no surprise that Wizkids will be getting in on the action with numerous releases for their miniature game Heroclix.

Scheduled to release in February, Heroclix will get a number of releases tied into both the film and comics.

For the comic related release there will be four products, a Booster Brick, a Fast Forces pack, a Dice & Token Pack and a Release Day Organized Play Kit.

DC Comics Heroclix: Superman/Batman Booster Brick is based on the classic team-up comics. The series features Superman, Batman, and many of their allies and enemies including the Metal Men, the Doom Patrol, and mystical and supernatural characters. Each booster holds five figures out of the total set of 70, which is comprised of 16 common, 16 uncommon, 16 rare, 12 super rare, 6 chase, and 4 prime figures. MSRP is $12.99 per booster, and 10 boosters are included in each Booster Brick.

The DC Comics Heroclix: Superman/Batman “World’s Finest” Fast Forces package will include six Heroclix figures plus an exclusive 3D object. The figures will be Superman, Batman, Poison Ivy, Nightwing, Toymaster, and Lex Luthor, all with new dials. The release should retail for $16.99.

The DC Comics Heroclix: Superman/Batman Dice & Token Pack includes eight accessories for use with the game. That includes two custom dice with the logos of Batman and Superman and six action tokens. The release should retail for $9.99.

The DC Comics Heroclix: Release Day Organized Play Kit includes prizes and resources for stores that want to host a release day event. Each kit has three copies of a limited edition Heroclix figure and card, five copies of a double-sided game map, and a sheet of rules and instructions. The kit is not meant for sale.

There are also two products tied to the film releasing in February.

The DC Comics Heroclix: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie Gravity Feed includes both a Version A SKU for the hobby market and a Version B SKU for mass market retail. Each of the two versions will offer 13 different models, all representing characters from the movie.  There will be 8 common figures, 4 rare figures, and 1 chase figure. The common figures will overlap, but the rare and chase figures from each version will be exclusive to its release. Each countertop display comes with 24 foil packs, each containing a single figure, and  retail is $2.99 per pack.

The DC Comics Heroclix: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie Fast Forces pack featuring six characters from the movie, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Mercy Graves, and Lex Luthor. It will retail for $16.99.

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