WizKids Releases Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes Set II in North America!

Pathfinder Battles Iconic Heroes Box Set IIWizKids has announced the latest release in its Pathfinder Battles: Iconic Heroes figures series today. In the Iconic Heroes Box Set II, fans will find beloved Pathfinder characters including Amiri the Human Barbarian, Kyra the Human Cleric, Harsk the Dwarf Ranger, Biter the Badger, Ezren the Human Wizard, and Merisiel the Elf Rogue. Priced at a suggested $29.99 USD, the Iconic Heroes Box Set II is sure to please fans of Iconic Pathfinder characters and anyone who enjoys top-quality fantasy figures.

As an additional bonus, each Iconic Heroes Box Set includes exclusive “Boon Cards” for use in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. These Boon Cards are only available with the Pathfinder Battles Iconic Heroes sets.

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