WizKids Shows Off Agent Carter, Lady Deadpool, Angela, Blind Al, and Bob from Marvel Dice Masters: Deadpool

The latest Dice Masters set, Marvel Dice Masters: Deadpool sees release in early November and WizKids is showing off some of the cards we can expect from the new set. On their Instagram account, the game publisher has shown off three new cards, Agent Carter: Answered the Call, Lady Deadpool: Earth-3010, and Angela: Raised by an Angel. That’s two rares and a super rare that’ll be in the set and all three characters are new to the game.

Yesterday the company showed off a common and uncommon in Blind Al: Stay in the Deadhut and Bob, Agent of Hydra: Hydra Doesn’t Offer Dental.

Blind Al is a 3 MASK to purchase that deals damage to an opponent when Blind Al is dealt damage. There’s a mechanic in there where you could ping Blind Al yourself and deal your opponent damage due to that. It looks like the card is cheap to field too, but makes this an interesting thing to explore.

Bob, Agent of Hydra is a 3 FIST that gives Deadpool Teams Fast when Bob is fielded. It’s an interesting card, but really is only useful if you’re running a Deadpool team, which I expect we’ll see a bunch of when the set is released.

Agent Carter is a cheap cost 2 to purchase and is a cheap die to field with good attack and defense stats and the ability to increase the cost to field Sidekick as characters while she’s active. Depending on the purchasing cost, this could be a good card to cripple decks that rely on Sidekick characters. I can see this character becoming a regular in games.

Lady Deadpool is a 5 SHIELD to purchase and we can only see the first two fielding costs. The wording of the card is a little funky, but it seems to allow you to use an action die twice. It says “bursts” which is what’s confusing to me, but that means you’re getting the double amount of energy to spend or double the ability, which could be devastating in a game.

Finally, Angela is a cost 4 BOLT again with cheap fielding and solid stats. This is an interesting card that allows you to deal 1 damage to target character die or player for each Angela die you rolled that shows an energy face after each Roll and Reroll Step. There’s an interesting mechanic there, but for the 4 BOLT cost to field it may be too weak to really make a major impact considering there’s other ways to do similar and greater damage.

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