WizKids Shows Off Marvel Dice Masters Deadpool: Storm, Multiple Man, and Fantomex

WizKids‘ next Dice Masters set, Marvel Dice Masters: Deadpool, is out in November and the game publisher has been showing off some of the cards and dice you’ll find within. On their Instagram account, the company has revealed three new common cards for Storm, Multiple Man, and Fantomex which are all a part of the X-Men team affiliation.

Storm: Thunderclap is a two cost BOLT character whose fielding cost for the first two levels is a cheap 0. But, it’s the card’s ability that could be the most interesting. When you field her, you can spin target ? energy in your opponent’s Reserve Pool to a BOLT face. It’s a combo card, it’s just a question of what combo to use it with and with more and more cards requiring you to keep energy in your Reserve Pool for defensive measures, this could be an interesting one.

Multiple Man: Duplicitous Nature is harder to figure out what it does. The card is a 3 MASK and has Underdog that involves doing something with a die from your Used pile when fielded. I could make guesses as to what that is, but it’d only be guesses.

Fantomex: E.V.A. is our final card and I believe that’s a X-Men symbol in its ability (though looks Hydra too) and it says character dice not of that type can’t block Fantomex unless the defending player moves one die from their Prep Area to their bag for each Fantomex character die they declare blockers for. At a cost of four SHIELD to purchase and a relatively cheap fielding cost for the stats, this is an interesting card, especially for drafts.

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