Wizkids Updates on Avengers Vs. X-Men Dice Masters

avengers vs xmen dice mastersIt hasn’t been easy to get a hold of Wizkids‘ new game Avengers Vs. X-Men Dice Masters. Demand has exceeded supply which has left stock short since the launch and prices skyrocketing on the secondary market. The $15 starter set has easily commanded $40 and up with prices at times ending over $60 in auctions. So, yeah, grab the game if you can find it.

Wizkids has sent out an email with an update as to where things stand.

The next wave of Starters will arrive at the end of June with another wave of Gravity Feeds arriving in late July.  Despite our best efforts to fill demand with these reprints, the product is still pre-selling before it arrives.   We were able to bring on a very sizable amount of capacity, which has enabled us to add a reprint to the schedule (available in September).

We are also keeping an eye on the longshoremen labor dispute on the U.S. West Coast, and will deal with that issue if and when it happens.  Obviously, any sort of strike will ripple through most of our product lines so we’re monitoring the situation keenly.

The short version of the above is, buy it if you can find it, but expect more shortages for a bit. Wizkids is ramping things up, and they think they’ll be the largest dice manufacturer in the world when they’re done getting to max capacity.

While there is a short supply, that  hasn’t stopped the company from thinking about in-story organized play. With that in mind, they’ve released a format they’ve dubbed the Rainbow Draft. It’s an interesting format and should be interesting when things get officially underway.wizkids

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