Yen Press’ Yen On Reveals Its Second Tabletop Roleplaying Game Release

Yen Press has revealed its releases for February 2022 and one of those releases is a new tabletop roleplaying game from its Yen On imprint. The popular world of light novel/manga/anime Goblin Slayer is getting a new adaptation, this time as a roleplaying game!

Goblin Slayer Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Adaptation by Tadaaki Kawahito and Group SNE
Story by Kumo Kagyu
Character Design by Noboru Kannatuski
Editorial Supervision by Jun Yasuda.

The Adventurers Guild has a long list of quests for you and your party: rescuing young maidens from ritual sacrifice, quashing a heretical ceremony in ancient ruins, and locating lost treasures within a crypt teeming with skeletons and specters! In this tabletop RPG set in the world of the Goblin Slayer series, you’ll find faithful reproductions of the various races and classes taken straight from the novels.

Goblin Slayer Tabletop Roleplaying Game is the second TTRPG release from Yen On. As a light novel property largely inspired by RPG tropes, Goblin Slayer is the perfect property to center a TTRPG around. This game will surely delight both fans who have loved Goblin Slayer for years and new fans ready to enter the world for the first time!

Goblin Slayer Tabletop Roleplaying Game

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