You’re Invited to the Ghostbusters: The Board Game Launch Party

Cryptozoic is celebrating the launch of the Ghostbusters: The Board Game with a party and it’s inviting retailers to join the fun. Available to retailers who pre-order 6 copies (1 case) of Ghostbusters: The Board Game through the distributor of their choosing, this $15.00 kit has all the content a store needs to host their very own “Mass Hysteria” launch party for the game’s release, allowing them to better educate customers about the game, provide easy to learn demo instructions, and help drive sales in their store. Kickstarter retail backers do not need to order an additional 6 copies of the game in order to purchase the kit.

The kit includes:

  • 1 Poster to advertise the event
  • 2 Table tents to place on demo tables or at the counter
  • 6 Exclusive scenario game cards, one for each copy of the game purchased
  • 1 Demo scenario instruction sheet
  • 25 Exclusive Ghostbusters™: The Board Game Patches to give to event attendees
  • 25 Exclusive two-card trading card packs for event attendees (non-game content)
  • Contents not for resale

Ghostbusters The Board Game Launch Party

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