Z2 Comics and Swedish Metal Titans Amon Amarth team for a new Board Game

Z2 has announced Amon Amarth: The Great Heathen Army, a new graphic novel and board game collaboration celebrating the heavy metal quintet’s last album of the same name. Channeling the thunderous epic poem winding through these nine tracks, the graphic novel dives into the heart of the Viking Age, as oars propel longships to shores awaiting the brutal collision of steel and bone.

The Great Heathen Army board game can be purchased as part of a bundle with the graphic novel or separately. In the deck-building war game, players assume the role of the Vikings on the attacker’s side or that of the Anglo-Saxons on the defender’s side; each side will strategize their own goal to defeat or repel the other in absorbing, hours-long campaigns.

The game features the art of Tom Thiel. Set to release in Fall 2023.

The Great Heathen Army board game

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