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Fireside Games Announces Launch Kits for Here, Kitty, Kitty!

Here_Kitty_Kitty_BoxFireside Games has announced Here, Kitty, Kitty!, a crazy cat-collecting game, will be available in stores April 1st and that brick-and-mortar hobby retailers can participate in the launch with special Launch Kits.

Players will enjoy the challenge of strategic game play to maximize their kitty count while protecting their precious felines from covetous neighbors. Here, Kitty,Kitty! supports 3 to 6 players, ages 10 and up. It retails for $24.95, includes 40 cat minis, and takes 30 minutes to play.

Here, Kitty, Kitty! is designed by a cat-lover and abounds with cat puns and homages to the personalities and finicky behaviors of our lovably indifferent furry friends.

To promote the release of Here, Kitty, Kitty!, Fireside Games has created a Launch Kit promotion for retailers who would like to hold a game night event in their stores. In addition, the Envoy Program, through Double Exposure, will be providing in-store demo support for stores who sign up to be part of the game launch Splash occurring April 2–3.

The Kits include a demo copy of Here, Kitty, Kitty!, promotional materials, and the special Milkshake promo card. These kits are in limited supply and are only available to hobby retail stores. Retailers can contact their preferred distributor for details.