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Warhammer 40,000: Indomitus is Already Sold Out for Retailers

Warhammer 40,000 Indomitus

Retailers have been reaching out canceling orders for the highly anticipated Warhammer 40,000 Indomitus boxed set. The set is part of the 9th edition launch.

Games Workshop has announced that the Indomitus boxed set is now “sold out.” They are advising stores to not take pre-orders for stock above the quantity they have been confirmed for.

The boxed set goes on sale this Saturday through the Games Workshop site and is being limited to 3 per customer. It sounds like they might have wanted to limit it to 1 per customer.

Get your order in quickly, this is going to be a launch that’s in demand!

Space Marines Get a Primaris Techmarine and Primaris Chaplain on Bike

Games Workshop had a few reveals today as we all await the release of Warhammer 40,000 9th edition. Space Marines get two new kits in the Primaris Techmarine and Primaris Chaplain on Bike.

Primaris Techmarine

A requested unit for Space Marines, the Primaris Techmarine is here to repair your tanks or attack your foes.

Primaris Chaplain on Bike

Add some firepower to your Outriders with the Primaris Chaplain on Bike. The kit has the newly designed Primaris Space Marine Bike with some added details to let you know they’re a Chaplain Marine!

Primaris Chaplain on Bike

Games Workshop Reveals the Necron Silent King and Void Dragon

With the release of Warhammer 40,000 9th edition right around the corner, Games Workshop has been teasing some of the new figures and units we’ll be seeing on the tabletop. Today, there’s two new reveals for Necrons, The Silent King and the Void Dragon.

The Silent King returns!

This is a monster of a figure with a diorama-like focus, it’ll be at the center of a lot of Necron army displays. Szarekh, the last of the Silent Kings will be out soon.

Szarekh was the last in the line of Silent Kings to lead the ruling Triarch of the ancient Necrontyr Empire It was under his reign the Necrontyr met the C’Tan and underwent their transformation. It was Szarekh who recognized what the C’Tan did, betraying them and shattering them into C’Tan Shards and imprisoning them in the Tesseract Labyrinths. He then ordered all of the Necron dynasties into the Great Sleep so they could recover and then rise to rebuild what they had lost. His final decision was to go into self-imposed exile only having returned after discovering the approaching Tyranid Hive Fleets and recognizing their threat.

The Void Dragon Nears

The Void Dragon Rises?

A C’Tan shard rises from the most formidable of the powerful Void Dragon! We don’t now what this new unit can do but it’s an impressive looking figure.

The Void Dragon is believed by some to be the Machine God worshipped by the Cult of the Machine of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Could it be the “Dragon of Mars”? We’ll find out more soon and it’s a release that could rock the future of the Warhammer 40K universe.

Void Dragon

Meet the Space Marine Hammerfall and Convergence of Dominion

There’s a lot of new toys and changes coming to Warhammer 40,000 and one looks like it’ll be taking a note from Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and having a bit of a focus on functional scenery.

Two new kits have been revealed for the game, one for Space Marines and one for Necrons.

The Hammerfall Bunker is a fortified emplacement whose entire role is to build a nice beachhead from which they can attack. The new fortification can feature heavy bolters or heavy flamers on the sides and a Hammerfall missile launcher up top featuring Superfrag and Superkrak missiles.

The Necron’s fortification is the Convergence of Dominion. Each one consists of three ancient Starstele which are armed with transdimensional abductors. They bolster units nearby and can perform Translocation Protocols to redeploy across the battlefield.

Convergence of Dominion

Get the Core Rules for Warhammer 40K 9th Edition

With the pre-order beginning for Warhammer 40K 9th edition in a little over a week and the release later in July, Games Workshop has released the core rules set for the game.

You can get the rules in 16 languages but you’ll still want to get the Core Book from the Indomitus boxed set and the Chapter Approved books as they’ll have even more content for matched and narrative play.

Still, you can get a jump start of what’s coming and get prepared for when the new edition launches later this month.

Warhammer 40,000 9th Edition

Warhammer 40,000: Idomitus Goes Up for Pre-Order July 11 and Shelves July 25

Games Workshop has announced that Warhammer 40,000: Indomitus, the 9th edition box set, is going up for pre-order on July 11. The box set will be able to be ordered for two weeks before coming to shelves on July 25. Copies are available while stocks last and won’t be around forever.

Warhammer 40,000: Indomitus

But, there’s more!

The new edition will be joined by two books to help you play, Chapter Approved: Munitorum Field Manual and Chapter Approved: Grand Tournament 2020 Mission Pack.

Chapter Approved

The Grand Tournament 2020 Mission pack is filled with new missions along with help in how to play in and run tournaments, special Secondary Objectives, and more. The Munitorum Field Manual holds a full list of updated points for Warhammer 40,000 units.

There’s also the Crusade Journal which is an army and campaign tracker to go along with the new Crusade system.

Finally, there’s Open War cards. These allow you to quickly and easily generate a mission by randomly choosing a deployment, objective, and twist for the battle.

Psychic Awakening Concludes with Pariah, Available for Pre-Order Now

Games Workshop‘s latest releases are up for pre-order now. It’s a heavy week for Warhammer 40,000 as Psychic Awakening wraps up with its final book Pariah, along with numerous figures to support the release.

Psychic Awakening: Pariah features new material for Necrons, the Inquisition, Adepta Sororitas, and more. You can get a collector’s edition for $80, regular edition for $40, or a digital edition for $35.

Psychic Awakening: Pariah

Daemonifuge – Ephrael Stern & Kyganil are here. The controversial duo are here for you to use in your games. You can get both figures in a box set for $50.

Daemonifuge – Ephrael Stern & Kyganil

Get a jump on the 9th edition with the Illuminor Szeras. Armed with an eldritch lance – a formidable weapon both at range and in melee, this is a HQ choice for Necrons. You can get the figure for $50.

Illuminor Szeras

Ordo Xenos Lord Inquisitor Kyria Draxus is one of the most respected, and feared, Inquisitors of Ordo Xenos. Draxus is armed with a power fist, shuriken catapult, and her Wyvach familiar Shang. The character is $35.

Ephrael Stern: The Heretic Saint is limited edition to only 1,500 copies. Going for $150, it includes a limited edition of the novel Ephrael Stern: The Heretic Saint, plus loads of extras.

Ephrael Stern: The Heretic Saint

You can get the Daemonifuge: 20th Anniversary Edition for $40. Created by Jim Campbell, Chris Quilliams, Gordon Rennie, Karl Richardson, Simon Spurrier, Tiernen Trevallion, and Kev Walker.

Daemonifuge: 20th Anniversary Edition

Broken Saints is out for $17.50 and you can hear a thrilling tale of a soul redeemed but riven with doubt, and delve into the murky politics of the Ecclesiarchy, and the many temptations that the Dark Imperium has to offer…

Broken Saints

Games Workshop and Black Library announce Indomitus: The Novel

With the contents of the 9th edition starter box for Warhammer 40,000 revealed, you’ll be able to dive deeper into the Indomitus Crusade with a tie-in novel. Coming from Black Library is Indomitus by Gav Thorpe.

Ultramarines attached to Crusade Feelt Quintus encounter Necrons in the Pariah Nexus. Faced with a choice between saving billions of souls and bringing word of xenos horrors to Primarch Guilliman, they must make a difficult decision.

The novel will be available as a hardback, eBook, MP3 audiobook and there are also two special editions. The special editions will also contain an additional short story featuring Ultramarines and Necrons. The novel will be available around the same time as the new boxed set.

Games Workshop Reveals the Necron Lokhust Heavy Destroyers and Canoptek Doomstalker

Along with the contents of the 9th Edition Warhammer 40,000 box set, Games Workshop has revealed two more units coming to Necron forces.

Lokhust Heavy Destroyers

The Lokhust Heavy Destroyers brings back the Heavy Destroyers. The unit features advanced optics and wielding gauss destructors and enmitic exterminators but are also mobile with long reach.

Lokhust Heavy Destroyers

Canoptek Doomstalker

The Canoptek Doomstalker features a Doomsday Blaster that can be fired on the move or remain stationary for even more damage! But, if the enemy gets close there’s also auxiliary twin gauss flayers to do extra damage.

Canoptek Doomstalker
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