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Gen Con 2022: Kill Team: Into the Dark contents revealed

While we knew it was coming, we now know what’s in it! Games Workshop has revealed the content for the anticipated Kill Team: Into the Dark at Gen Con 2022.

The new release for Kill Team takes the battle into the hull of a Space Hulk where a Kroot Kinband taking on the Imperial Navy.

As expected, the box has everything you need to play the sci-fi skirmish game, rules, terrain, tokens, cards, dice, miniatures, and more. There’s enough to make two complete Kill Teams.

The Imperial Navy are represented by the Imperial Navy Armsmen. The Breachers are elite and trained for close-quarter fighting, exactly what you’d expect in the ships of space.

These bold boarders fight with combat shotguns, blast shields, and other breaching tools, perfect for getting up-close and personal. You get 12 miniatures in all – 10 Breachers, a C.A.T. unit, and a Gheistskull. Even dead Breachers find their use, their skulls are the perfect size for holding a compact explosive…

The Farstalker Kinband are on a mission for new beneficial genetic material to bring back to their Shapers. There are 10 Kroot along with two Kroot Hounds. We’re here for the bird!

The box is backed with terrain to build your derelict hulk. That includes walls doors, pillars, panels, tanks, and pipes! In total there are 54 individual parts and it’ll all expand when the next set arrives three months later.

You get the rulebooks you need, a 144-page rulebook as well as the Into the Dark rules manual. That book has full rules for Close Quarters battle and features 18 missions, nine for narrative, and nine for matched play. There’s also a new type of campaign plus the rules for the two teams in the box!

And of course, the box has all the things you need to play. That means 85 double-sided tokens, including objectives, order tokens, and injury markers, 10 six-sided dice in that signature Kill Team orange, two Tac Ops decks – each containing 27 cards – and one double-sided game board to host all your bulkheads and barricades.

Imperial Navy Breachers and a Kroot Kinband clash in Kill Team: Into the Dark

Kill Team: Into the Dark

With a tease not too long ago, we now have the next major release for Kill Team, Kill Team: Into the Dark. The new boxed set features Imperial Navy Breachers taking on Kroot in a spacehulk.

Kill Team: Into the Dark is a self-contained game and provides everything you need to play.

Imperial Navy Breachers, aka Voidbreachers, are elite soldiers trained for hazardous boarding actions. They carry gear and weapons optimized to fight in the cramped quarters of ships.

The Kroot Kinband are expert trackers, sharpshooters, and guerilla fighters.

Since the game takes place on a space hulk, that means scenery to create maze-like boards with narrow lines of sites and doors to breach.

Finally, this season of Kill Team features releases that are thematically linked, exploring the Gallowdark further. It means a growing terrain collection helping build a modular Kill Team board!

Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Ka’bandha for Horus Heresy, Necromunda, Knights, Kill Team, and more!

Games Workshop has revealed what’s coming next week for pre-order. Kicking things off is Ka’bandha, Daemon General of Signus for Warhammer: The Horus Heresy. The Daemon General is a force of nature who leaves battlefields drenched in blood in the name of Khorne. The miniature is resin and part of the Horus Heresy Character Series. It can be displayed with and without its horned helm. Rules are coming for The Horus Heresy.

For Necromunda, the Ironhead Squat Prospectors get the Vartijan Exo-Driller. With thick armor, it can survive a volley of enemy fire and give it back in return.

Vartijan Exo-Driller

The Knight Questoris gets a release for Warhammer 40,000. They fill a wide variety of roles. The reboxed release can be built into one of the six Imperial Knight variants as well as Canis Rex. Or, how about a Chaos Knight Despoiler?

Knight Questoris

For Kill Team, the Corsair Voidscarred and Chaos Space Marine Legionaries get individual releases. They can also be used for Warhammer 40,000 delivering a dual release.

If you don’t have a copy, you can get the Kill Team: Nachmund rulebook. The softcover book features lore, missions, and cinematic killzone rules.

Kill Team: Nachmund rulebook

How about Warhammer World: Dioramas (Third Edition) – Exhibition Ticket Bundle? Get to see the stunning dioramas on display at Warhammer World in this 88-page book. You also get an all-day, all-access ticket for Warhammer World in Nottingham.

Warhammer World: Dioramas (Third Edition)

Black Library has a lot of releases this week as well.

Vaults of Terra: The Dark City by Chris Wraight is the next volume of the Vaults of Terra series. Interrogator Spinoza finds herself alone and separated from her master – Inquisitor Erasmus Cowl. Available in hardback, eBook, and MP3.

Vaults of Terra: The Dark City

The Vulture Lord – A Zothar Athrabis Novel by Richard Strachan follows a king who has made an eternal pact with Nagash. When tradition is broken, a rebellion begins to take hold. Will the cruel Vulture Lord be able to bring his domain back under his control? Available as hardback, eBook, and MP3.

The Vulture Lord – A Zothar Athrabis Novel

The Rose at War by Dani Ware features eight stories featuring Sister Superior Augusta Santorus of the Order of the Bloody Rose. Available in hardback and eBook.

The Rose at War

Dominion by Darius Hinks comes to paperback for the first time. Amidst the chaotic times of the Era of Beasts, sellsword Niksar Astaboras must decide whether he values his own survival above all else – or if he will rise to defend the threatened domains of Order.


The Twice-dead King: Ruin by Nate Crowley comes to paperback and begins the saga of the disgraced Necron Lord Oltyx.

Twice-dead King: Ruin

Thunderstrike & Other Stories is available in MP3. It features works by David Guymer, Gav Thorpe, Darius Hinks, David Annandale, and more.

Thunderstrike & Other Stories

Lupercal’s War: A Horus Heresy Anthology features 21 stories from across the galactic conflict. It comes to MP3.

Lupercal’s War: A Horus Heresy Anthology

German editions of Volpone Glory and Day of Ascension are being released.

French editions of The Twice-dead King: Reign and The Vincula Insurgency: Ghost Dossier 1 are coming as well.

Games Workshop teases the next Kill Team release

Kill Team has taken on a regular rotation taking players to new locations and adding new rules and teams to do battle with. The next seems to be taking its inspiration from past games and will set the game on a space hulk.

Specifics have not been released but Games Workshop has indicated that it will take place on a drifting space hulk. Longtime GW fans will immediately think of the classic Space Hulk board game which saw numerous editions released and pitted Space Marine Terminators against Genestealers. Kill Team itself received the Kill Team: Pariah Nexus expansion at the end of the previous edition that included rules for “ultra-close confines”.

Teased is a CAT, Cyber-altered Task Units. The inclusion would hint we’ll see some Imperial forces in the game, though rumors have swirled about Votann aka Squats. The symbol on the side gives hints as to what we might see but you never know.

Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Head to Moroch in Kill Team, Chaos Knights await, and expand your Necromunda Ash Wastes

Head to the future with Kill Team, Warhammer 40K, and Necromunda in Games Workshop‘s pre-orders next week.

Kill Team gets a new box set with Kill Team: Moroch. The battle in the Nachmund Gauntlet continues as Chaos forces battle Imperial Space Marines. The box set features warband of Militarum Traitoris as well as Phobos Strike Team.

It features 22 miniatures making up two kill teams. There are 12 Blooded members of the traitor guard and 10 Phobos Space Marines. It also features the new Battlezone: Fronteris terrain to battle over and new rules for the Auspex Shrine, Landing Pad, and Vox Antenna. The set also features a 96-page rulebook, double-sided game board, and 279-piece Space Marine transfer sheet.

You’ll also be able to get Kill Team Blooded and Phobos Strike Team Dice. Declare your allegiance with these sets featuring 20 dice each.

Kill Team Blooded and Phobos Strike Team Dice

Codex: Chaos Knights is now available on its own after being released in the special army box set. This is essential to bring these engines of war to the tabletop. You’ll be able to get the regular or collector’s edition.

Codex: Chaos Knights

The Chaos Knight Abominant will be available in its solo debut and allows you to make an Abominant, Desecrator, or Rampager.

Chaos Knight Abominant

The War Dogs box features two to add to your force. You can build two of the three possible War Dog variants, like the Karnivore, Stalker, or Brigand.

 War Dogs

Keep track of it all with Chaos Knights Datacards. The 50 cards include 32 generic Chaos Knights strategems, six unique stratagems for the named Dread Households, and five core stratagems, as well as six Warp Storm psychic power, and a copy of Smite!

Chaos Knights Datacards

For those in Australia and New Zealand, you’ll finally be able to get Tyranids. Codex: Tyranids, Combat Patrol: Tyranids, The Parasite of Mortrex, Tyranid Datacards, and the Tyranids Dice Set are all finally arriving.


The Thatos Pattern Extended Hab Module is a bit larger than the ones found in the Necromunda: Ash Wastes set but mixes perfectly with the other kit.

Thatos Pattern Extended Hab Module

The Thatos Pattern Hab Module is available on its own after debuting in the Necromunda: Ash Wastes set.

Thatos Pattern Hab Module

Finally, the Thatos Pattern Platform and Walkways will keep you off the dangerous ground and give you some line of sight advantage when defending or attacking.

Thatos Pattern Platform and Walkways

Warhammer Fest 2022: Kill Team heads to Moroch with Traitor Guard vs. Space Marines

Kill Team: Moroch

During Warhammer Fest 2022, a new Kill Team box set was revealed, Kill Team: Moroch. The next quarterly boxed set is packed with miniatures and terrain new and old! It’s another release for the game that’ll be sought after by fans of Kill Team as well as Warhammer 40,000 and hints at what’s to come!

The box contains the brand new Blooded Kill Team, aka Militarum Traitoris, aka Traitor Guard!

This new Kill Team features miniatures old and new with the Traitor Enforcer and Traitor Ogryn coming from an expansion for Blackstone Fortress. The rest are new and will fit perfectly with the already released miniatures from that game.

They’ll go up against the Adeptus Astartes and the Phobos Strike Team. This squad is based on the Incursor/Infiltrator set with an additional sprue.

Also in the box is terrain including a battlefield mat, landing pad, STC hab-bunker and stockades, and a vox-atenna and auspex shrine. If you missed the Battlezone Fronteris release or want more, this is a great chance to get it.

This box and a Core Book and you’re ready to dive into Kill Team!

Kill Team: Nachmund Revealed Including New Chaos Marines

We’ve already seen the Corsair Voidscarred but who will they take on in Kill Team: Nachmund? The long-rumored Chaos Marines are indeed their foes in the new box set. Between this and the recent Eldritch Omens, it’s looking like the new Codex: Chaos Marines is on the horizon.

Kill Team: Nachmund has more new Chaos Marines continuing Kill Team being the place to look for regular new releases.

The kit comes with a nice mix of bits to create your Kill Team including long-distance firepower like a reaper chaincannon or up close combat. There’s also psychic support with a Balefire Acolyte. The kit also will fit in most Legions, that giant ax is perfect for Khorne.

The box set features two full kill teams, a rulebook that includes details for War Zone Nachmund, new missions, and Sector Mechanicus terrain. There are even rules to allow you to use hatches to explore underground and smog stacks that belch toxic smoke.

Aeldari Corsairs, the Voidscarred, revealed!

Games Workshop has teased Aeldari Corsairs for Kill Team, and also able to be used in Warhammer 40,000. Now, we have a first look at the entire Voidscarred!

These pirates launch raids from their Aeldari ships seeking wealth, prestige, and the fun of battle!

The new plastic kit has a lot of options allowing for an array of fighters.

This new unit will first be available in the upcoming Kill Team: Nachmund boxed set.

LVO 2022: Aeldari Corsairs Plunder Nachmund in Kill Team

As has become tradition at the Las Vegas Open, Games Workshop held a preview event showing off some of what’s coming soon for their games. Kill Team got some hints as to what’s coming in the next “season”.

As shouldn’t be a surprise, the game will turn its focus on the conflict in Nachmund. At least one “new faction” will coming to the battlefield with the Aeldari Corsairs!

The Voidscarred kill team takes inspiration from the noble Asuryani, the sadistic Drukhari, and other things they picked up along the way. Being interstellar pirates, expect a pretty diverse look for the models.

But, this force won’t be limited to Kill Team, you’ll be able to use them with your Aeldari and Drukhari armies.

Aeldari Corsairs

40K Chapter Approved, Kommando Orks and Krieg Kill Team, and Necromunda! It’s a packed week

It’s a packed week for 40K players as Games Workshop‘s latest pre-orders are live!

The Chapter Approved: War Zone Nachmund Grand Tournament Pack and Munitorum Field Manual 2022 are here kicking off a new season of competitive and matched play.

Chapter Approved comes with 18 missions, nine each for Incursion and Strike Force sized games. There are also updated secondary objectives as well. Within the Munitorum Field Manual 2022, you’ll find up-to-date points!

Purchase: $40 from Games Workshop$34 from Flipside Gaming

Chapter Approved: War Zone Nachmund Grand Tournament Pack and Munitorum Field Manual 2022

Kill Team is getting some new releases, with the individual items from Octarious getting releases and being repackaged.

The Kill Team: Starter Set is an easy way to get into the game featuring two teams, rules, scenery, all you need to play. The box set features the Veteran Guardsmen of the Death Korps of Krieg taking on Ork Kommandos. The box art looks like what was teased way back at Gen Con 2021. The box set also features a gameplay mat, scatter terrain, a streamlined 96-page Core Rules book, and a 56-page Recruit Edition book with background info and tutorial missions.

Purchase: $99 from Games Workshop$84.15 from Flipside Gaming

Kill Team: Starter Set

The individual teams are getting a release too!

The Kill Team: Veteran Guardsmen will allow you to build up your Guardsmen Kill Team or use them to build up that Death Korps of Krieg Warhammer 40,000 force! The box contains 10 troopers to add to the grind.

Purchase: $55 from Games Workshop$46.75 from Forge and Fire Gaming

Kill Team: Veteran Guardsmen

Orks get some love with the Kill Team: Kommandos. Featuring 10 Kommandos it also has a trusty Kommando Grot and volatile Bomb Squig! Use them for Kill Team or add them to your Waargh in games of 40K.

Purchase – $60 from Games Workshop$51 from Flipside Gaming

Kill Team: Kommandos

You can also get the Kill Team: Octarius Book. It features the Kill Team rules for the Ork Kommandos and Veteran Guardsman including equipment, tactical ploys, and battlefield roles. There are also nine Shadow Operations missions that allow you to play out a campaign.

Purchase: $40 from Games Workshop$34 from Flipside Gaming

Kill Team: Octarius Book

You can also build out your battlefield with Kill Team: Kill Zone Octarius. This scenery set will now be available on its own allowing you to build an Ork shanty town! It’s great for Kill Team and Warhammer 40,000 and features a double-sided battlefield board.

Purchase: $100 from Games Workshop$85 from Flipside Gaming

Kill Team: Kill Zone Octarius

Necromunda gets new releases making games more deadly!

Add Hive Scum to your game with these four expendable gangers. They can be a gang on their own or join other House Gangs.

Purchase: $18 from Games Workshop$21 from Flipside Gaming

Hive Scum

House Delaque gets some options with the Delaque Weapons and Upgrades set. The set features heavy flamers, plasma guns, and meltaguns, as well as new heads!

Purchase: $25 from Games Workshop$25 from Flipside Gaming

Delaque Weapons and Upgrades

The Underdog Card pack allows you to pull out shenanigans to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. The pack also contains 12 universal Gang Tactics that all can use.

Purchase: $15 from Games Workshop

Underdog Card pack

Black Library has some new releases coming!

Krieg allows you to dive further into the Death Korps of Krieg. Written by Steve Lyon, how far will they go to secure victory?

Purchase: $27 from Games Workshop


Adrian Tchaikovsky brings us Day of Ascension. The Forge World of Morod prepares for the alien “angels” who will bring mercy to the masses.

Purchase: $19 from Games Workshop$21 from Flipside Gaming

Day of Ascension

The Triumph of Saint Katherine is by Danie Ware and focuses on the Sisters of Battle. This limited edition hardback is limited to 2,000 copies. This limited edition version features red faux-leather cover overlaid with a gold, black, and white foil design, full-art tip-in, gold-glit page edges, a black ribbon bookmark, and an author introduction and signature.

Purchase: $60 from Games Workshop

Triumph of Saint Katherine

The Book of Martyrs features three stories focused on a different Sister in the Era Indomitus. Alec Worley, Phil Kelly, and Danie Ware bring tales of Sister Ishani who must deal with an inhuman hunter, Sister Anarchia resisting her T’au captors, and Sister Superior Laurelyn defending against a foe spilling out of the Great Rift.

Purchase: $16 from Games Workshop

The Book of Martyrs

Masters of the Hunt: The White Scars Omnibus collects stories by Andy Hoare, Robbie MacNiven, Phil Kelly, Josh Reynolds, Anthony Reynolds, and Graeme Lyon.

Purchase: $18 from Games Workshop

Masters of the Hunt: The White Scars Omnibus

Return to the Sabbat Worlds with the Iron Snakes in Urdesh: The Serpent and the Saint by Matthew Farrer which will be available in audiobook.

Urdesh: The Serpent and the Saint

Das Helwinter-Tor is the German translation of Chris Wraight‘s The Helwinter Gate. A Járnhamar Pack is n the run from their fellow Space Wolves as they race to uncover the truth behind an ancient betrayal.

Das Helwinter-Tor
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