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Gen Con announces its 2023 Charity Partners

Gen Con 2023 charity partners

Gen Con has announced its 2023 charity partners, Indy Reads and Game Pathways! Both organizations will receive proceeds from the convention’s 2023 fundraising efforts, including longstanding charity events such as the popular “Cardhalla.” In addition, both groups will also receive promotional marketing and table space at the convention to connect with attendees and promote their wonderful organizations.

Indy Reads builds literacy, English language, and job readiness skills to empower adults and families to reach their full potential. For nearly 40 years, we’ve worked toward a vision of 100% literacy for all. Current statistics show that 1 in 6 adults in Indiana read at or below a fifth-grade level. Through its in-person and virtual Community Classrooms and workforce certification programs, Indy Reads helps adult learners increase their literacy and English language proficiency, prepare for their High School Equivalency (HSE) diploma, and build the workforce skills to improve their employability and advancement potential. Indy Reads proudly serves adults of all literacy skill levels, including the most beginning-level.

Game Pathways seeks to improve representation and diversity in the tabletop gaming industry by increasing student awareness of career paths, introducing students to industry professionals, and working with game companies to engage under-represented groups. It is a nonprofit organization founded by industry professionals who care about inclusivity, creativity, and celebrating new voices!

Gen Con 2023 badges go on sale January 29

Gen Con 2023

Gen Con has announced that badges for Gen Con Indy 2023 will go on sale Sunday, January 29 at noon Eastern on gencon.com. Gen Con Indy 2023 takes place August 3-6 in the Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium, celebrating 20 years of events in Indianapolis since the convention moved to the city in 2003.

The convention will continue to operate in a hybrid format, featuring virtual Gen Con Online event programming and livestreaming.


Gen Con Indy 2023 4-Day and single-day badges will be available for purchase beginning at noon Eastern on January 29. Registration for a free Gen Con Online-only badge will begin on May 7.

Badge TypePrice
Trade Day$235
Gen Con Online-Only$0 (Available May 7)

Housing registration will begin at noon Eastern on February 12, and event registration for ticketed events will open at noon Eastern on May 21.

Magic #21 kicks off a new storyline

Magic: The Gathering comes to comics courtesy of BOOM! StudiosMagic #21 kicks off a whole new storyline starting a year after the previous one ended.

Story: Jed MacKay, Rich Douek
Art: Ig Guara, Alberto Locatelli, Jacques Salomon
Color: Arianna Consonni, Francesco Segala, Gloria Martinelli, Natalia Nesterenko
Letterer: Ed Dukeshire

Get your copy now! To find a comic shop near you, visit http://www.comicshoplocator.com or call 1-888-comicbook or digitally and online with the links below.

Zeus Comics

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Gen Con Draws Over 50,000 Attendees in a Return to Pre-Pandemic Scale

Gen Con

Gen Con returned to Indianapolis this August 4-7, attracting a unique attendance of over 50,000 gaming fans to the Indiana Convention Center (ICC) and Lucas Oil Stadium for four days of playing games, shopping in the exhibit hall, cosplaying, enjoying local food and beverages, and connecting with fans from Indianapolis and around the world.

Gen Con Indy 2022, which marked the 55th running of the convention since its founding in 1968, generated an estimated $57.4 million in economic activity for restaurants, hotels, and other local businesses in Indianapolis.

The convention’s exhibit hall featured more than 530 game publishers and vendors. Publishers released more than 500 new game titles during the convention. More than 15,000 ticketed events were held over the four days, ranging from board games, card games, roleplaying games, comedy, music, seminars, the Costume Contest, Film Festival, and more.

All participants were required to show proof of vaccination to attend and to wear masks while inside Gen Con-controlled spaces.

Concurrently with the in-person convention, an additional 900 virtual games and events were held through the convention’s Gen Con Online program, and over 50 hours of live video was streamed on the convention’s Twitch channels.

Gen Con Indy 2022’s official charity partner was the Patachou Foundation, a nonprofit which serves meals and learning experiences for children to increase their awareness of and excitement about food and fight the root causes of hunger in the community. Nearly $40,000 was raised over the weekend for the Patachou Foundation through multiple charity events.

Gen Con will return to Indianapolis August 3-6, 2023.

Gen Con 2022: Steamforged shows off Dark Souls, new Rivet Wars, and Adventures & Academia: First Class miniatures

Steamforged Games has announced some exclusive exhibits for their appearance at the immensely popular tabletop convention, Gen Con, taking place 4-7 August in Indianapolis. Attendees can visit their booth #2221 to enjoy, amongst other things, world premieres of a host of never-before-seen miniatures and material.

First to be displayed are miniatures from the new Dark Souls: The Board Game release, Tomb of the Giants, due to be released later this year. These stunning models include skeleton soldiers, necromancers, an imposing skeletal beast and a huge new boss, the iconic Gravelord Nito.

This is the first Dark Souls: The Board Game content released since 2017, and is the first of a series of new core sets, which include a new campaign system and an updated rulebook, designed to be backward compatible and with community involvement.

Attendees will also get an exclusive look at the new faction for the recently acquired Rivet Wars franchise. More information about the exciting future of the game, including new ways to play, will be revealed in due course.

Finally, Steamforged are excited to give an exclusive world-first preview of the upcoming miniatures for Adventures & Academia: First Class. After securing the support of 7,611 backers on Kickstarter, this hotly-anticipated range of miniatures is currently in production. This exhibit is a chance for backers to whet their appetite for roleplaying fun in advance of the campaign’s delivery, slated for early 2023.

As well as displaying minis, they’re running demos of various games every day at Gen Con, giving visitors a chance to get hands on with Steamforged’s awesome tabletop experiences.

Gen Con 2022: Evil Genius Productions launches a 3rd party licensing program

Evil Genius Productions
Evil Genius Logo

Evil Genius Productions, the maker of the Everyday Heroes tabletop roleplaying game, has announced at Gen Con that it is launching a 3rd party licensing program allowing game publishers to create their own roleplaying adventures utilizing the Everyday Heroes rules system.

The program allows licensees to take advantage of the company’s Product Identity, published and in-development rules mechanics, and gives publishers the right to label their products as compatible with the Everyday Heroes system. There is a one-time application fee of $50.

This program aims to recreate the expansive publishing ecosystem that was based on d20 Modern. Over the years, d20 Modern spawned hundreds of amazing games such as Adamant’s Thrilling Tales (2005-2007) and Mars (2006-2007) line, Green Ronin’s varied d20 Modern rules and settings, which culminated in Damnation Decade (2006), and Mongoose’s new editions of the classic Macho Women with Guns (2003, 2005).”

Gaxx Worx, a new games publisher launched by Luke Gygax, has signed up to use Evil Genius’ 3rd party license to launch Strange & Grim. According to game designer, Matt Everhart, “Strange & Grim will be a campaign setting that combines the adventure and wartime elements of Hellboy/Indiana Jones plus the horror elements like the Void, Event Horizon.” The Kickstarter will launch in October 2022.

As part of this program, publishers can also opt into a co-marketing agreement. If elected, Evil Genius will promote its partner’s adventures to the Everyday Heroes customer base and sell the products on the e-commerce platform. Similar to other online marketplaces, Evil Genius will keep 30% of the sales price and offer the rest to the publisher. The application for the program can be found here.

Today, Evil Genius Productions also announced today it’s hiring of Owen KC Stephens as Editor-In-Chief. Mr. Stephens is a well-known developer who has worked at Wizards of the Coast, Paizo Publishing, and Green Ronin Publishing and worked extensively on the d20 Star Wars, d20 Modern, Everquest d20, Pathfinder, Starfinder, Freeport, and Fantasy AGE game lines. In addition to being Editor in Cheif, Owen KC Stephens will also be the lead writer for Kong: Skull Island.

Gen Con 2022: Kill Team: Into the Dark contents revealed

While we knew it was coming, we now know what’s in it! Games Workshop has revealed the content for the anticipated Kill Team: Into the Dark at Gen Con 2022.

The new release for Kill Team takes the battle into the hull of a Space Hulk where a Kroot Kinband taking on the Imperial Navy.

As expected, the box has everything you need to play the sci-fi skirmish game, rules, terrain, tokens, cards, dice, miniatures, and more. There’s enough to make two complete Kill Teams.

The Imperial Navy are represented by the Imperial Navy Armsmen. The Breachers are elite and trained for close-quarter fighting, exactly what you’d expect in the ships of space.

These bold boarders fight with combat shotguns, blast shields, and other breaching tools, perfect for getting up-close and personal. You get 12 miniatures in all – 10 Breachers, a C.A.T. unit, and a Gheistskull. Even dead Breachers find their use, their skulls are the perfect size for holding a compact explosive…

The Farstalker Kinband are on a mission for new beneficial genetic material to bring back to their Shapers. There are 10 Kroot along with two Kroot Hounds. We’re here for the bird!

The box is backed with terrain to build your derelict hulk. That includes walls doors, pillars, panels, tanks, and pipes! In total there are 54 individual parts and it’ll all expand when the next set arrives three months later.

You get the rulebooks you need, a 144-page rulebook as well as the Into the Dark rules manual. That book has full rules for Close Quarters battle and features 18 missions, nine for narrative, and nine for matched play. There’s also a new type of campaign plus the rules for the two teams in the box!

And of course, the box has all the things you need to play. That means 85 double-sided tokens, including objectives, order tokens, and injury markers, 10 six-sided dice in that signature Kill Team orange, two Tac Ops decks – each containing 27 cards – and one double-sided game board to host all your bulkheads and barricades.

Gen Con 2022: Hasbro and Avalon Hill teases the return of Heroscape

With Gen Con kicking off this week, it looks like Avalon Hill is getting a push after being generally quiet. After a successful relaunch of Heroquest, it looks like the next big return is Heroscape!

Dubbed Heroscape: Age of Annihilation, the teaser video shows off the return of the cult classic tabletop miniature game.

Launched in 2004 until 2008 from Milton Bradley and then with Wizards of the Coast from 2008 until late 2010, the game featured pre-panted miniatures and a hexagonal tile board with 3D landscape. The game was designed by Craig Van Ness, Rob Daviau, and Stephen Baker.

While it generally had a fantasy setting, the game also featured Marvel characters in a set and later Magic: The Gathering.

The game has become highly collectible over the years with a solid community springing up around it.

We’ll have more information about Heroscape: Age of Annihilation as it’s announced.

Gen Con 2022 Badges are on Sale!

Badges for Gen Con 2022 are on sale now! You can get 4-day passes for the “best four days of gaming” for $125 with individual days ranging from $16 to $80.

Gen Con takes place in Indianapolis, IN, and runs August 4 to 7 at the Indiana Convention Center.

If you’re into any type of tabletop gaming, this is the convention to go to!

Hurry and don’t miss out!

Gen Con Indy 2022 4-Day and single-day badges will be available for purchase beginning at noon Eastern on January 30. Registration for a free Gen Con Online-only badge will begin on May 8, and Pop-Up Gen Con badge registration will cost $5 and begin on June 19.

Badge TypePrice
Trade Day$225
Gen Con Online-Only$0 (Available May 8)
Pop-Up Gen Con$5 (Available June 19)

Attendees who rolled their 2020 or 2021 badges forward to 2022 will find their badges on their Gen Con account and no further action is needed. Badge holders who do not wish to attend Gen Con Indy 2022 have the option to return their badge for a refund starting on January 30 by contacting Gen Con customer service at customerservice@gencon.com with full name and account information. There will not be an option to roll over any badge to 2023.

Health and Safety Information

Based on evolving public health and safety concerns, Gen Con will implement vaccination and masking requirements for all in-person convention participants in an effort to provide a safe and healthy environment for attendees, partners, and staff.

Everyone participating in Gen Con Indy — including all attendees, exhibitors, gamemasters, event organizers, and event staff — will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with a vaccine approved or authorized by the FDA or WHO, and proof of vaccination will be required to attend the convention and gain entry to the convention center.

Details about acceptable documentation and the verification process will be announced in the coming months, but convention organizers anticipate that participants will be required to show either verified digital proof of vaccination on a smartphone or their physical vaccination card, along with government-issued ID, before entering the convention center.

Everyone participating in Gen Con Indy — including all attendees, exhibitors, gamemasters, event organizers, and event staff — will be required to wear a mask in all indoor spaces unless actively eating or drinking in designated areas.

Gen Con’s restrictions and requirements are subject to change, and Gen Con will consider modifications to its mandatory vaccination policy on a case-by-case basis based on the most up to date information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and Indiana and Marion County public health agencies.

Gen Con 2021 Sees Over 35,000 Attendees

Gen Con

Gen Con returned to an in-person convention and saw an attendance of over 35,000. This amount was similar to attendance when the convention moved to Indianapolis in 2003. That’s about 50% of the number of people in 2019, the last time an in-person convention was held. The convention is estimated to have generated $37 million in economic activity for restaurants, hotels, and local businesses. The convention took place September 16-19.

The convention was described as a “more relaxed atmosphere” on a smaller scale.

320 exhibiting publishers and vendors were featured in the exhibit hall which included more than 90 for the first time. More than 200 new games were released and more than 6,500 ticketed events were held over the four days.

According to the post-convention release, over 90% of attendees were vaccinated against COVID-19 according to surveys. Attendees were required to wear masks while inside the convention center. Increased table spacing and nightly sanitization and cleaning were implemented for safety.

In addition to the physical convention, 2,300 virtual events were held as well as 200 pop-up events at retail stores. When including those, nearly 50,000 people participated in Gen Con 2021.

Gen Con returns to Indianapolis on August 4-7, 2022.

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