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Trans Atlantis Games and the Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy Announce Wave 2 of Two Thin Coats paints

Two Thin Coats wave 2

Wave 2 of the Premium hobby paint range Two Thin Coats, produced and marketed by Trans Atlantis Games in collaboration with the Duncan Rhodes Painting Academy, which has been developed and tested over the past 12 months, will be available in 2023. Wave 1 started shipping to distributors and retailers at the end of 2022, and the world-wide rollout is ongoing. 

Two Thin Coats Wave 2 will be based on the same high-quality formula as before, mixing high pigment count with our uniquely formulated smooth base to deliver the best quality finish. Wave 2 expands the range with:

  • 13 new triads, including additional flesh tones and military colors. 
  • 6 super bright new primary and secondary highlights
  • 6 metallics to expand the already excellent selection
  • 3 new washes
  • And introducing 6 super saturated all-new glazes!

60 new paints in total.

Initially, Two Thin Coats Wave Two will be offered on the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, launching on January 24, 2023, and scheduled to ship in the summer, with distributor and retail shipments following immediately after. 

WizKids and Kidrobot bring you the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Plush and Miniatures set!

WizKids presents a special collection of Dungeons & Dragons miniatures and special plush that tie into the highly anticipated Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie from Paramount and eOne, releasing in the United States on March 31, 2023.

WizKids is a pioneer in the tabletop miniatures and games industry, constantly striving to offer players and collectors a truly immersive experience. In anticipation of the new movie, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, WizKids is thrilled to reveal some spectacular products that capture some of the most exciting movie moments.

Capitalizing on their expertise in producing top-quality miniatures, WizKids will release an exclusive set of creatures that fans will recognize from the recently released movie trailer. Players will be able to seamlessly integrate their favorite big screen beasts into their next campaign of the world’s greatest roleplaying game. The set includes an Owlbear, Mimic, Gelatinous Cube, Displacer Beast, and a mystery monster!

WizKids has also joined forces with Kidrobot to bring a Dungeons & Dragons Phunny Plush line to the world. The newest additions to the plushy party include Themberchaud the Red Dragon, Gelatinous Cube, Mimic, Displacer Beast, and more. Premium glow-in-the-dark details make the Mimic and Gelatinous Cube extra special. With exclusive characters pulled straight from the screen, fans will have the opportunity to bring home their favorite film stars as cuddly friends.

Metallic Dice Games is now Fanroll

FanRoll logo

Metallic Dice Games (MDG), founded in 2014 and recently sold to toy industry veteran Neal Hoffman has “rolled” into the new year with a new name. The company announced its decision to rebrand the company as FanRoll and has launched its new website,

Shark Tank Alum, Neal Hoffman led a group of investors to purchase Metallic Dice Games, a leading tabletop dice company, this past summer. While the company started with a focus on metal dice, it now has over 300 SKUS ranging from liquid core dice to tabletop accessories. The rebrand is to better reflect where the company is and is going in the future.

MDG made a massive impact on the dice industry when they launched Elixir DiceTM, liquid-filled dice with a snowglobe-like effect. With combined Kickstarters reaching over $1.2MM, the company is eager to launch this innovation and bring it to the mass market. 

Adam Hackett, MDG’s founder, and Fanroll’s new Chief Product Officer has made numerous product introductions into the retail market. FanRoll will introduce individual D20s of their popular liquid core Elixir Dice this spring. The company has also developed a new line of blind packs, branded Misfit Dice using the tagline “Adopt a Misfit”, which includes unique packs of mini, resin, and metal dice. Hackett expects to launch new items every other month throughout 2023.

FanRoll Dice was busy this past fall and had recently announced partnerships with numerous podcasts including NADDPOD, Homebrew, and Glass Cannon Network. The company is actively seeking out new marketing partnerships.

Roll the Dice: Hunt Monsters, Store your Magic: The Gathering in Style, and more!

MTG Commander Deck Box XL + Battle for Baldur's Gate

Crowdfunding helps creators bring their projects to life by going direct to consumers and delivering the funding to help make the projects a reality. With so many launching, we’re providing an easy way to discover new projects on Kickstarter (with other platforms to come!). See what’s come to Kickstarter on December 2nd.

Sexy Elven Dancers! Physical Prints & STLs for 3D Printing!

Resin Printed Minis and STL files of Female Elf Dancers/Entertainers!

by Foe Figures
Goal: $500
End Date: Sat, December 17 2022 12:07 PM EST

Krakulu’s Radiant Hope Chapel, Pay What you Want!

The guys here at Krakulu introduce to you a new beautiful selection of 3D printable STLs. Featuring our Church and it’s furnishings.

by Ben
Goal: $61
End Date: Sat, December 17 2022 1:07 PM EST

Seeking Baby Dragon Dice

D6 themed dice set engraved with baby dragons and footprints for dungeons and dragons, tabletop, rpg, collections, and board games.

by Wyvern Trinkets
Goal: $2,223
End Date: Wed, January 4 2023 1:59 AM EST

Inquisitor’s Orders – A 5E/PF2E Monster Hunter Campaign

The Inquisitors’ Guild offers characters the opportunity to accept a variety of 1-Shot based 5E & PF2E adventures, released monthly.

by Quest Gaming, LLC
Goal: $350
End Date: Mon, January 2 2023 7:56 PM EST

MTG Commander Deck Box XL + Battle for Baldur’s Gate

Beautifully hand-crafted Commander Deck Boxes by Vulcan Forge Creations. Each box is a work of art worthy of your hard-earned decks.

by Vulcan Forge
Goal: $5,000
End Date: Mon, January 2 2023 11:00 PM EST

Paizo and TYPE40 Announce a Partnership

Paizo, the publisher of the Pathfinder and Starfinder Roleplaying games, has announced a new partnership with multi-award-winning studio, TYPE40. Known for their work across multiple genres, TYPE40 has brought joy to gamers and collectors for over a decade.

Creating props and in-world artifacts, TYPE40 will bring new levels of immersion to players’ games, giving you and your players new ways to enjoy Pathfinder and Starfinder. Product details are yet to be announced.

Paizo and Type40

Fight Collectible Stupidity With New Ironguard Card and Comic Supplies

Ironguard Supplies

Did you know that there was a time when kids would put baseball cards in the spokes of their bike, to make it sound like a motorcycle? That makes us want to travel back in time and kick those kids in the teeth. How many Carl Ystrzemski rookie cards were lost to this stupidity?

Sure, cards and comics may once have been seen as disposable fun, but today the right card or comic is tomorrow’s retirement fund. You need to keep that $#!& on lockdown or its value plummets. You don’t keep an Ancestral Recall card in your back pocket, dude.

And what about emotional value? Do you think that Spider-Man comic makes you cry now? It’ll make you cry more when someone puts a coffee mug down on it. You’ve got to keep these items safe, not only for your future but for future generations as well. Otherwise, you may find yourself dumped in a nursing home.

Ironguard knows protection, and they’re not talking about the kind of protection you need when you meet a tarmogoyf in the flesh. Trading cards, card games, and comic books are easy to damage, but they’re even easier to protect if you have the right supplies. Ironguard’s line of card and comic covers are affordable, easy to use, and durable enough to keep your prized possessions free from creases, stains, worn corners, and other dumb things that can happen on a daily basis.

Beginning in Summer 2022, Ironguard products will be available at, as well as at your local comic or card shop. Products available at launch include semi-rigid card sleeves, top loader card holders in various sizes, one-touch magnetic card holders, comic bags in various sizes, and resealable comic bags in various sizes.

More Critical Role Unpainted Minis are on the way!

WizKids has again partnered with Critical Role to create new figures that are compatible with the most popular tabletop RPGs. The newest entries into the Critical Role inspired line, releasing September 2022, offers a diverse selection of unpainted miniatures that you bring to life with your own creative touches! Critical Role Unpainted Miniatures come with highly detailed figures, primed and ready to paint out of the box. These fantastic miniatures include deep cuts for easier painting. The packaging displays these miniatures in a clear and visible format, so customers know exactly what they are getting.

The full list of products released in this new set includes:

  • 90549 – Vampire & Necromancer Nobles
  • 90550 – Human Wizard Female & Halfling Holy Warrior Female
  • 90551 – Male Human Sorcerer Merchant & Tiger Demon
  • 90552 – Sphinx Female
  • 90553 – Sphinx Male
  • 90554 – Mage Hunter Golem
  • 90555 – Revenge Demon
  • 90556 – The Laughing Hand & Fiendish Wanderer
  • 90557 – Fey Werewolves
  • 90558 – Wisher Pixies
Critical Role Unpainted Miniatures Wave 3

Nick Pitarra’s Ax-Wielder Jon Gets Tabletop Minis

It’s not even out yet and Nick Pitarra‘s upcoming comic Ax-Wielder Jon is already diving into the tabletop world.

Justin Sirois of Severed Books announced on Twitter that tabletop game minis based on characters from the comic are coming. Check out the Tweet and image for the upcoming comic below.

The comic will launch soon on the upstart crowdfunding platform Zoop. Those interested can signup to get notified as to when the crowdfunding campaign launches.

Take Your Dice to the Next Level with the Levitate Dice Kickstarter

Conflict Games is following up their string of wildly successful Card Kickstarters with a new campaign, this time bringing a new pop culture innovation to market with Levitating Dice. The Levitate Dice Kickstarter campaign gives players a unique way to spice up their gaming tables with a novel piece of magical décor.

The initial Kickstarter offers an electromagnetic base with an accompanying d20 or a complete set 7 polyhedral dice. Each die has magnetic inclusions that, when placed on the base, hover in the air over the base. There are four different base styles: Black, White, Walnut, and Oak. Initially, there are four dice designs to choose from: Abyssinian Brass (brushed brass dice with black ink), The War Blade (dark grey dice with white ink), Quintessential Red (reflective red dice with white ink), and Rainbow Touched (pearlescent dice with gold inking).Conflict Games hopes the Levitate Dice will become a must-have for pop-culture collectors and tabletop role-players worldwide. They are a novel addition to TTRPG and dice collecting and add a little panache and the X factor to the room and game night.

To make these dice happen, Conflict Games has initiated a Kickstarter drive. The “Levitate Dice Kickstarter” runs from March 21 to April 21 for an intended release in the early fourth quarter of 2022. The project will be available worldwide. Funding gathered through Kickstarter will go toward additional design, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of the dice. This is Conflict Games 5th Kickstarter. The previous four raised in excess of $250,000.

Levitate Dice
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