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WizKids Announces WarLock EZ Clips

WarLock EZ Clips

Earlier this month the WarLock Tiles system from WizKids launched to much anticipation and excitement. Through feedback, WizKids has noticed that the community has wanted two things, to make their creations secure but also want these tiles for quick builds.

Based on that feedback, WizKids has revealed the newest clip addition, WarLock EZ Clips, which are designed to help with creating those faster builds. This variety of clip is made of much softer plastic and will be offered for $4.99 for 100 clips. WizKids hopes to get them on the market soon.

Show Your Love of Dungeons & Dragons and RPGs with this New T-Shirt Design from Ript

Ript Apparel has three new designs and one is for fans of Dungeons & Dragons and roleplaying games! Warlock by vale.vfKff is on sale today only! Get it before it’s gone!



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Super City Downtown Set Comes to Warcradle Scenics and Perfect for Your Marvel: Crisis Protocol Games

Battle it out around the new Super City Downtown Set available on Warcradle Scenics. The scenery is scaled for Marvel: Crisis Protocol and one looks suspiciously like a certain Sanctum!

The pre-painted MDF building are compatible with 35mm-40mm scale games, perfect for your superhero battles.

Super City Downtown Set

The set retails for £100 and includes:

  • 1x Super City – Mystic Mansion featuring;
    • Building
    • Mail Box
    • Bookcase
    • Ladder
    • Fire escape
    • Balcony
    • Concealed door / rotating bookcase feature, and a small break-away wall feature
  • 1x Super City – Tower Block featuring;
    • Building
    • Moving lift
    • Optional signage
    • Fire escape
    • Balcony
    • Revolving front doors
  • 2x Super City – Tower Block Extension featuring;
    • Building Extension
    • Fire escape
    • Balcony
  • 2x Super City – Construction Sites featuring;
    • Building
    • 4 x Ladders
    • Wooden pallet
    • Generator
  • 1x Super City – Quantum Van featuring;
    • Van
    • Dumpster
    • 5 x Roadblock Barriers
    • Suitcase
    • Sliding side door and opening back doors

Q Workshop Releases New Dice Sets for Pathfinder and Starfinder

Q Workshop has unveiled official Adventure Path dice sets designed and manufactured for the Pathfinder Extinction Curse, Starfinder Attack of the Swarm! and Starfinder The Threefold Conspiracy under a license with Paizo. Each is a complete set of seven polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d100, d12, d20) made from durable plastic and designed with precision engravings.

Two Pathfinder Extinction Curse Adventure Path Dice Sets

The Extinction Curse Adventure Path is a six-part, monthly campaign in which the heroes lead a traveling circus as they unravel a plot to eradicate all life from the islands of the Inner Sea. These sets include dice in red and blue, with yellow painting in complexly carved engravings. The Performer’s set contains a blue d20, d10, and d4. The Entertainer’s set is made with a red d20, d10, and d4. On the highest face, there is the symbol of a circus tent to help players take the stage and win the crowd.

Starfinder Attack of the Swarm! Adventure Path Dice Set

The theme for this campaign is the invasion of the Swarm – a highly intelligent and always hungry monolithic hive-mind with gargantuan living ships. This set is glacier blue with cloudy admixture that resembles mist covering dangers, emerging out of the blue. Q WORKSHOP adorned the faces with pale yellow painting to mark the digits looking like insects and larvae. On the highest faces of all dice, there are symbols of the archenemy of the campaign – the Swarm.

Starfinder The Threefold Conspiracy Adventure Path Dice Set

The Threefold Conspiracy Adventure Path is a six-part, monthly campaign in which the heroes unravel the machinations of insidious aliens who have infiltrated galactic society. Imagine that there are dice for revealing cosmic conspiracy theories. These dice could be a player’s best choice in their fight against twisted alien masterminds and their sinister plot. This set is dark gray with yellow paint to mark the digits and rich engravings. The whole design is inspired by science fiction movie thrillers, where the enemy is alien, unknown and hidden in dark corners of spaceships. On the highest face, there is the symbol of mysterious three triangles that symbolize three layers of space conspiracy.

Each dice set has a $13.00 MSRP. Pathfinder Extinction Curse Adventure Path Performer’s Entertainer’s Dice Sets are available today at and The Starfinder Attack of the Swarm! and Threefold Conspiracy Adventure Path Dice Sets will be available April 24 and 29, respectively.

Raiders of the North Sea Gets a Collector’s Box

Raiders of the North Sea Collector's Box

Renegade Game Studios has announced a new Collector’s Box for fans of Raiders of the North Sea featuring new box art from famed illustrator Mihajlo Dimitrievski.

This Collector’s Box is designed to organize and store all the components for Raiders of the North Sea and its expansions Fields of Fame and Hall of Heroes, and includes a high quality insert organizer and 200 themed art card sleeves!

*While it does not include Raiders of the North Sea, Fields of Fame, or Hall of Heroes, it does help you organize them!

Available for Gen Con Pickup/September Release!

Pre-order and receive a free pack of The Mico promo cards!

The Mico promo cards
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