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Big G Creative’s Hide ‘N Cheek is Now available at Target

Big G Creative has revealed Hide ‘N Cheek, the hilarious new game where families transform into chipmunks for some acorn-hoarding fun! 

During each round, players hide the nuts, shuffle the logs, gather the acorns, and watch their chipmunk cheeks grow. The player who collects the most acorns is the Hide ‘N Cheek Champion! Families will burst into laughter in this log-switching, nut-finding, cheek-stuffing game. 

For two to four players, ages six and up, Hide ‘N Cheek takes twenty minutes to play. The game includes four custom masks with expanding cheek pouches, four hollow logs, and forty acorns. The chipmunk masks are made of a durable plastic that can easily be sanitized for maximum safety and fun.

Hide ‘N Cheek is now available exclusively at Target stores and at Target.com for $19.99. To learn more about the game and how it’s played, visit BigGCreative.com.

Hide ‘N Cheek