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Build Shrines for the Ages in Jinja Coming Soon from WizKids


WizKids has announced the upcoming release of Jinjaa colorful worker placement game about building shrines across Japan!

In Jinja, players must place workers at key locations around Japan to activate one of 13 different actions or build at one of seven territories. To earn the highest honor, you must plan your strategy, time your construction, and be a little bit lucky. The game takes place over five seasons as players work towards their unique goals.

The game features high replayability, with variable goals and events, as well as secret goals, called Omikuji, or “fortunes”, which score you bonus points if your shrines are on key locations. The game also includes Kitsune cards, which are randomly chosen for each game and provide different discounts, bonuses, and abilities that change with the seasons.

Jinja features evocative illustrations and high-quality components, including custom plastic miniatures to represent the shrines, screenprinted score trackers, and a custom multicolor Mask die! This breathtaking game, with its complex-yet-accessible thematic gameplay and stunning table presence, is sure to be a game night hit! Pre-order Jinja from your Friendly Local Game Store or online today!