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It’s X-Men Forever, X-Force, and Dark X-Men for Dice Masters in November

Dice Masters is getting more campaign boxes and team packs this November as WizKids has revealed a whole bunch of X-Men related releases. This November sees the release of the X-Men Forever Campaign Box, a Dark X-Men Team Pack and an X-Force Team Pack.

“Forever” is a reference to X-Men Forever, a short lived series that saw classic X-Men writer Chris Claremont return to writing the team and characters. Dark X-Men was a team put together by Norman Osborn when he became the head of SHIELD.

The campaign box will retail for $39.99 and include everything 2 players need to begin. Included will be dice and cards for Wolverine, Cyclops, and a more than a dozen different heroes. Villains include Lady Deathstrike, Mastermind, and Donald Pierce. The box allows you to take on the Brotherhood and Hellfire Club!

Marvel Dice Masters: Dark X-Men Team Pack includes Dark beast, Thunderbird, Mimic and more characters, some making their first appearance in the game. The Team Pack includes 24 cards and 16 dice. MSRP is $12.99.

Finally, Marvel Dice Masters: X-Force Team Pack includes Cable, Psylocke, Deadpool, and several other heroes making their first appearance in the game. The Team Pack includes 24 cards and 16 dice. MSRP is $12.99.

More Marvel Dice Masters Team Packs Revealed

Earlier today, WizKids announced they’d be changing up the release of Dice Masters with the addition of campaign boxes. The first to be released, as of now, will be Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers Infinity. In the announcement it was mentioned that we’d be seeing more Team Packs as well. Along with the campaign box, it looks like two of those will be released as well.

Set for release in May will be Marvel Dice Masters: Kree Invasion Team Pack and Marvel Dice Masters: Justice Like Lightning Team Pack. The first focuses on the cosmic side of the Marvel universe with Guardians of the Galaxy and Kree while the second features Thunderbolts.

The Marvel Dice Masters: Kree Invasion Team Pack looks like it’ll include Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Captain Marvel, Surpeme Intelligence, Mantis, and Groot, and more.

The Marvel Dice Masters: Justice Like Lightning Team Pack will include Atlas, Citizen V, Songbird, Hawkeye, and more.

WizKids Announces Big Changes for Dice Masters with Campaign Boxes

WizKids is shaking things up in 2018 for their popular Dice Masters game. The game has been available in various configurations including blind packs in “gravity feeds,” starter sets, Team Packs, and non-blind set releases.

Based on feedback, the company will be releasing more non-blind box sets dubbed “campaign boxes.” The first two will be Avengers Infinity and Warhammer 40,000. By shifting the focus of how players buy Dice Masters to non-blind product, they’re trying to lower the barrier to entry for fans who are interested in trying the game fresh or maybe exploring one of the IPs in the game they haven’t tried yet.

A Campaign Box has 48 different character cards that could be used to build hundreds of different teams for head-to-head thematic play right out of the box. Layer in 10 Basic Action Cards and the replayability seems limitless. Adding in a Team Pack or two will let players customize their teams even further, or replace one of the two entirely. A single Campaign Box has storage to fit over 300 dice and their matching cards; that’s more than 10 Team Packs you can fit above-and-beyond the Campaign Box’s original contents.

The new Warhammer 40,000 line already has two Team Packs announced, one for Space Wolves and the other for Orks.

The announcement also hinted at changes in the maximum number of dice for some cards.

There are plenty of characters that are powerful enough to be included on tournament teams without ever being used at 4 copies of that die. In some previous non-blind releases, cards had a maximum number of dice based on the configuration. This potentially held back some cards from seeing their maximum potential in tournament play even if it had no effect on others. Cards in Campaign Boxes are going to have the Max dice based on the game play, just like cards from boosters would.

Expect more variations than the usual four dice maximum for cards in the future.

Marvel Dice Masters: The Mighty Thor First Look

Out this January is the newest Marvel Dice Masters set, The Mighty Thor. The set is the second “draft pack” release which features 14 cards (2 basic action cards, 12 character or action cards), 24 dice, and 1 rules inset.

We opened up a box and show off one of each card from a display.

You can pre-order yours now:
Cool Stuff Inc.
Potomac Distribution

WizKids provided Board Game Today with FREE copies for review

Marvel Dice Masters Avengers Infinity in February

2017 still has at least one more set to come out for WizKidsDice Masters but we’re already looking to see what will be released in 2018. In February, Marvel will be getting a new set in Marvel Dice Masters Avengers Infinity.

Earth’s mightiest heroes and most nefarious villains clash in the greatest battles from the Marvel Universe. The set will include more than 30 characters boasting brand-new versions of classic Avengers along with new characters never before seen in Dice Masters.

From the teaser text it sounds like Thunderbolts will be one of the teams the set will focus on.

The set will be released as Draft Packs and a Gravity Feed. Draft Packs contain 12 character or action cards and a rules insert, as well as 24 dice to go along with the characters or action cards, and two Basic Action Cards. The gravity feeds contain 90 randomly-filled foil packs containing two cards and two matching dice.

Unboxing: Marvel Dice Masters Guardians of the Galaxy

This August sees the newest release for WizKidsDice Masters, Marvel Dice Masters Guardians of the Galaxy, the newest Marvel set with a focus on the cosmic! Featuring Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, Avengers, and more, we open up 20 packs and get a good idea as to what to expect when it’s released.

Check out what’s inside as we initially go over the set with our thoughts.

You can order yours through Potomac Distribution


WizKids provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review
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A First Look at Marvel Dice Masters: X-Men First Class

WizKids has released a first look at WizKidsDice Masters set, Marvel Dice Masters: X-Men First Class. This September, the set brings more mutants to the tabletop for Dice Masters action. The 124-card expansion features multiple rosters of X-Men, the Exiles, and the Brotherhood of Mutants.

The X-Men have been featured in numerous sets either as the main focus or as teams within. Sets with a primary focus on X-men include Avengers vs. X-Men, Deadpool, and Uncanny X-Men

The set is focused on spinning character dice up and down to manipulate abilities and strength. There’s also new keywords:

Awaken – lets you damage your opponent, reroll opposing characters, or get an attack boost by spinning up to a higher level.

Professor X: Peaceful Coexistence allows players to spin all X-Men-affiliated dice up one level at the start of their turn. Cyclops and Iceman both have the Awaken keyword. Cyclops: Boy Scout may deal three damage to a target character when his character die is spun up, while Iceman: Cold Hands, Warm Heart doubles his attack value.

Thunderbird: Warrior of the Apache will allow you to spin up all your characters when he’s KO’d. If Sunfire: Moeagaru! is also on your team, his Awaken ability will activate giving him +1A and +1D. Storm: Misspent Youth allows a player to prep a die from their bag whenever a Storm die spins up a level.

Infiltratelets you deal direct damage with “while active” abilities.

Magneto: The House of M grants all Brotherhood characters the keyword. Blob: Appetite for Destruction has the ability to prevent an opponent from both purchasing and fielding dice from a chosen card, and Scarlet Witch: Careful What You Wish For can force an opponent to twice roll an Action face before they can use it.

But Infiltrate isn’t just for the Brotherhood, the Exiles have it too.

Blink: Unhinged from Reality gains Infiltrate whenever a player uses an Action die. Mimic: Borrowed Talent allows a player to copy the A and D of a character and Prep two dice anytime that character is fielded, while Morph: Change of Heart can use the effects of a Basic Action Card while attacking.

The set also sees the debut of Thunderbird, Sunfire, Banshee, Doop, Onslaught, Boom Boom, Jubilee, and more!

(via Game Trade Magazine)

Unboxing: Marvel Dice Masters The Defenders Team Pack

The Marvel Dice Masters: The Defenders Team Pack will help you upgrade any Dice Masters Starter Set into a team with a clear theme. Team packs are designed for quick play and easy team-building for both tournaments and casual games.

This second Team Pack features characters involved with The Defenders… and Loki!? We crack open the pack and show off what you get!



Wizkids provided Graphic Policy with a FREE copy for review

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