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Heroclix – Dirk Anger and “Successful” Dirk Anger

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Wizkids has been rolling out previews of it’s upcoming Marvel Heroclix Captain America.  Below are the teasers for Dirk Anger and “Successful” Dirk Anger.

Heroclix Dirk AngerFrom the Wizkids website:

At 71 points Dirk Anger brings some interesting and useful abilities to any force.  His dial starts off with Stealth as he issues orders from the shadows of H.A.T.E.’s Aeromarine command ship.  Dirk’s penchant for wearing his favorite pink dress and utilizing unconventional weaponry is represented by Perplex, while his custom-made armor allows for some measure of protection from attacks in the form of Toughness.

In addition to the helping hand Perplex can lend, Dirk Anger’sUnusual Weapons of Mass Destruction special power also enhances your adjacent friendly figures by providing a +1 bonus to their attack values if they possess a special power themselves!

As he has endured much over his ninety years, Dirk Anger’s resilience is represented by Regenerate.

Also up is his zombie variant, “Successful” Dirk Anger.

Heroclix Successful Dirk AngerFrom the Wizkids website:

With his Brains! They’re What’s For Dinner! trait, Dirk has the potential to stay on the battleground well into the late-game!  Steal Energy is always useful, and full-dial Steal Energy even moreso! But Steal Energythat also heals equal to the amount of damage dealt? Excellent!

Mid- to late-dial Regenerate also helps Dirk stay in the action as he launches attack after attack on his foes in his search for brains (and possibly a new pink house dress).

Front loaded Charge allows Dirk to get right in the action as you manuever him into a position best suited to satisfy his cranial cravings.  Charge gives way to Flurry mid-dial as Dirk switches tactics and starts swinging wildly hoping to score some sweet, sweet grey matter, while a couple of clix of Perplex help Dirk confuddle his foes even further!