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From Exploding Kittens to You’ve Got Crabs

The Oatmeal, the folks behind the hit webcomics and the game Exploding Kittens, has launched a new game, You’ve Got Crabs. The family-friendly party game is on sale now for $22.99 and an expansion for $17.99.

The game is pretty simple.

Partner up as a team and compete to get sets of four of a kind of cards. Your partner must figure out if you have a set and this is done so through a secret signal decided on before the game. Your opponents are trying to do the same but also deduce if you have a set as well. If your opponent figures out “you have crabs” you get a point. If your opponent figures it out, you lose a point.

The game is for ages 7+ for 4-10 players, and about 20 minutes to play.

This one will likely become a hit.

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