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Games Workshop Pre-Order Preview: Da Red Gobbo brings holiday cheer, Army Boxes, and more!

Games Workshop is gearing up for the holidays with a packed week of pre-orders to deliver some holiday cheer. See what’s going up for pre-order soon and get your gift list ready.

Da Red Gobbo’s Surprise delivers your Christmas cheer. Just pay attention to what gets dropped down the chimney. Check out this year’s new holiday miniature and get ready to add it to your stocking.

Da Red Gobbo’s Surprise

This year’s Warhammer 40,000 army boxes include:

Collect some skulls for the skull throne and spill some blood with the Exalted of the Red Angel a perfect way to start or expand your WorldEaters. The box set includes:

  • Daemon Primarch Angron
  • 6 Eightbound
  • 10 Berzerkers
Exalted of the Red Angel

Devour the worlds before you and build up your Tyranid force with the Onslaught Swarm. It features:

  • Norn Emissary
  • Winged Hive Tyrant
  • 20 Hormagaunts
  • 10 Genestealers
Onslaught Swarm

Defend the Imperium with the Spearhead Force. It’ll add some speed to your Space Marines with:

  • Invader ATV
  • 3 Outriders
  • 15 Jump Pack Intercessors
  • Captain with Jump Pack
Spearhead Force

Maybe a Waaargh is more your thing? Then get the Beast Snagga Stampede and deliver a good krumpin. The battleforce includes:

  • Mozrog Skragbad
  • 3 Squighog Boyz and a Nob on Smasha Squig
  • 10 Beast Snagga Boyz
  • Kill Rig with
  • Painboss
Beast Snagga Stampede

Start your Votann army with the Defenders of the Ancestors battleforce. Toil and earn with this elite band ready to deal some hard knocks that include:

  • Einhyr Champion
  • 10 Einhyr Hearthguard
  • Hekaton Land Fortress
  • Sagitaur ATV
  • Grimnyr
Defenders of the Ancestors

Maybe armor and grunts are more your thing? Cadia stands with the Cadian Defence Force. The battleforce includes:

  • 2 Rogal Dorn Battle Tanks
  • 2 squads of 10 Cadian Shock Troopers
  • Cadian Command Squad
Cadian Defence Force

Maybe Warhammer: Age of Sigmar is more your thing?

The Vengorian Lords have succumbed to their bestial nature. You can build up your own Soulbright Gravelords with the Vengorian Court. It features:

  • Vengorian Lords
  • 5 Blood Knights
  • 3 Fell Bats
  • 20 Deathrattle Skeletons
  • 10 Dire Wolves
Vengorian Court

Bring death and destruction for your Dark Master with the Warhorde of Eternus. The force includes:

  • Eternus, Blade of the First Prince
  • 5 Chaos Knights
  • 10 Chaos Warriors
  • 3 Ogroid Theridons
  • 5 Chaos Chosen
Warhorde of Eternus

Follow the blessings with the Seraphon by getting the Primordial Starhost. The box set features:

  • Slann Starmaster
  • 3 Aggradon Lancers
  • 3 Kroxigor
  • 10 Saurus Warriors
  • 3 Terrawings and the Hunters of Huanchi
Primordial Starhost

Maybe a shambling army of bone is more your thing? Then get the Praetorian Spearhead! The force features:

  • Arch-Kavalos Zandtos
  • 5 Kavalos Deathriders
  • 4 Morghast constructs
  • Gothizzar Harvester
  • 10 Mortek Guard
Praetorian Spearhead

There are also a few releases from Black Library coming as well!

Storm of Iron by Graham McNeill sees the defenders of Hydra Cordatus ill-prepared for a massive Iron Warriors host. Coming in hardback.

Storm of Iron by Graham McNeill

Leviathan by Darius Hinks tackles the opening throes of the Fourth Tyrannic War in a new paperback release.

Leviathan by Darius Hinks

Ragnar’s Claw by William King and The Daemon’s Curse by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee comes to audiobook for the first time.

Ragnar's Claw by William King and The Daemon’s Curse by Dan Abnett and Mike Lee

There’s also a lot of gifts for your festivities. You can get Christmas cards, wrapping paper, and tree decorations. Prepare for 2024 with a calendar that comes with a poster of the cover of Codex: Leagues of Votann. Koyo delivers to advent calendars and a new Mystery pin collection. Merchoid has their own releases with four classy baubles with symbols from the Imperium, Adepta Sororitas, Chaos star, and emblems of the Grand Alliances of the Mortal Realms. There’s also a weathered tin tote bearing the Imperial aquila. Finally, celebrate with a toothy Squig bauble.