Renegade Game Studios Introduces Robo Rally Master Builder

Renegade Game Studios

Renegade Game Studios, under license from toy and game company Hasbro, has announced a new original Robo Rally expansion – Robo Rally Master Builder.

This expansion features many unique 6×6 game boards compatible with all previous Robo Rally releases, allowing players to create previously impossible racecourse configurations.

Players can also customize existing boards with tokens, adding conveyor belts, gears, pits, and lasers to any board. Two of the 6×6 boards are a blank canvas allowing  total control of every obstacle. Become a master builder and create the wackiest racecourses your engineering mind can dream up!

Master builders can expect this expansion to Robo Rally to hit store shelves in 2024 – stay tuned for future updates and get ready to expand your imagination to build your dream racecourses!

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