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Calliope Games Launches Tsuro: Phoenix Rising on Kickstarter

Tsuro: Phoenix Rising

Tsuro: Phoenix Rising is now live on Kickstarter. The game for 2-8 players is from Calliope Games which is celebrating their 10 year anniversary.

The game is a follow up to Tsuro: The Game of the Path and has each player playing as a phoenix, soaring across the bard hoping to reach glowing lanterns and transform them into new stars in the night sky. The first player to collect seven star tokens wins the game.

In the game, you place tiles to extend the path, traverse the board, but be aware of your surroundings. The game has new features such as diagonal movement and can be flipped and rotated to help choose your destination. It also comes with a molded board. The game also takes advantage of the idea of the phoenix allowing players to rise from the ashes and return to the board once per game.

The game is for 2-8 players, ages 8+, and plays 20-60 minutes.

The campaign runs until February 9.

Calliope Games Announces a New Wave of Titan Series Games

Calliope GamesCalliope Games has announced the availability of AncestreeCapital City, and ShutterBug, Wave 2 in its ongoing “Titans of Gaming” series. The product line presents family-friendly tabletop games that are easy to teach and play in under an hour.

Ancestree is a tile drafting game designed by Eric M. Lang, illustrated by Larry Elmore and colored by Adelheid Zimmerman. In Ancestree, players get to build their personal family trees! Over three rounds, players cleverly choose Ancestor tiles and cultivate their lineage, scoring points for generations, wealth, and marriages. In the end, the player with the highest score wins and gets to brag that “My family is better than yours!” Ancestree is for 2-6 players ages 8+ and play in 20-30 minutes.

Capital City is a quick-playing card game designed by James Ernest and colorfully illustrated by Brian Bowes. Over four seasons, players hire new kinfolk arriving from the train to run their buildings on Main Street. Picking the right characters can provide bonus points – but may also help the other players! At the end of the year, the player with the most prosperous town will become Mayor of Capital City! Capital City provides 3-6 players ages 8+ a light, strategic experience in about 30-50 minutes.

ShutterBug is a fast-paced game of set collection and exploration designed by Mike Elliott and illustrated by Char Reed. It is 1932 and the world is fascinated by growing rumors of hidden creatures that roam America. As a freelance photographer looking to make a name for yourself, you must crisscross the country, following tips that lead you to “snap the myth” and take the creature pictures that the tabloids most desire. ShutterBug is for 2-6 players ages 8+ and plays in 20-50 minutes.

Ancestree, Capital City, and ShutterBug join Wave 1 titles Hive Mind (Richard Garfield, creator: Magic: The Gathering), Menu Masters (Zach & Jordan Weisman, designers: Got ‘Em & Shadowrun and Mechwarrior) and Running With The Bulls (Paul Peterson, designer: Smash Up) in the Titan Series.

Calliope Games Wants to Take You on The Mansky Caper

Calliope Games has launched The Mansky Caper on Kickstarter. This Prohibition-era heist game, designed by Ken Franklin, offers a thrilling, press-your-luck adventure that is easy to teach and plays in under an hour. The game’s for 2-6 players ages 8+ and plays in 40-60 minutes.

“Big Al” Mansky, the most ruthless and illustrious mob boss ever, is away on vacation and players take on the roles of colorful “Associates” robbing lavish rooms in Big Al’s mansion and dodging explosive booby traps!  Each turn, navigate through Big Al Mansky’s mansion, cracking safes to reveal valuables, explosives, and thrilling plot twists. Share your loot with others in the same room, call in favors to perform skillful actions, and above all, decide when to stash your share at the getaway car before you hear a BOOM!

The Manksy Caper features captivating artwork by Matt Franklin in a premium presentation. It also includes five pre-assembled 3D cardboard safes from which to draw loot tokens, shiny plastic gems, drawstring cloth stash bags, a fully illustrated comic book which doubles as the rulebook, and hundreds of colorful tokens and markers.  Even with components of the highest quality, The Manksy Caper remains incredibly affordable, with the Kickstarter pledge costing only $32 – domestic shipping included.

The Kickstarter campaign for The Manksy Caper runs until February 9, 2018. After the successful conclusion of the crowdfunding campaign, the game will ship to Kickstarter backers in May of 2018, followed by a Summer 2018 worldwide release.

Calliope Games’ Dicey Peaks is Out Soon

Calliope Games has announced that Dicey Peaks has arrived in port and is on its way to their warehouse. Copies will be making their ways to Kickstarter Backers and Retailers shelves in the next few weeks. Now is the time to place your order.

Dicey Peaks is a press-your-luck dice game with a surprising amount of strategy. You will need to brave the harsh elements of Yeti Mountain, the tallest mountain in the world, and beat your fellow climbers to the top of the mountain. Watch your oxygen, climb treacherous slopes, and beware the terrifying yetis as you make your way to the fabled Red Flag atop the Dicey Peaks!

Beautiful sculpted minis, custom translucent “Ice Dice,” and thick, beautifully illustrated tiles will make your climbing experience a cool one. And it’s at a price you will love! Dicey Peaks is for 2-6 brave climbers, ages 8+, and plays in 20-50 minutes.

Beware the yetis!