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Corvus Belli in December features new Infinity

Dire Foes Mission Pack 13: Blindspot (Ref. 280050-1030)

Armies: Haqqislam / Hassassin Bahram / ALEPH / Steel Phalanx

The Galactic Hitchhikers like to travel all around the Human Sphere for free, even if that means they sometimes stow away on a ship or two. If they get caught they can get into trouble, but the real trouble starts when they see something they shouldn’t have seen, which is what happened to Nakia Usman, now pursued by some of the Sphere’s best agents. A situation in which it is not easy to follow the hitchhikers’ motto and not panic.

This box includes three miniatures: the Hassassin Husam Yasbir, an almost legendary character in the Hassassin Society, Chandra Sergeant Thrasymedes of the Steel Phalanx, and a Galactic Hitchhiker that can be used as an HVT. A fantastic addition to those armies started with Operation: Blackwind.

Fiddler, Aristeia!`s ex-toymaker (Ref. 280770-1037)

Armies: Haqqislam / Hassassin Bahram/ Qapu Khalqi/ Ramah Taskforce/ Nomads/Jurisdictional Command of Bakunin/ Jurisdictional Command of Tunguska/ DruzeBayram Security/ StarCo/ Dahshat Company

‘Nonconformist’.That’s Fiddler. She didn’t feel at ease in her life and in her own body, but she would not resign herself to this fate; she had to do something about it. From man to woman. From Aristeia!’s ex-toymaker to fallen idol, and from there to mercenary. Fiddler won’t settle for whatever destiny has in store for her. She will reinvent herself and rise again, as she has done before.

This mini-box includes three miniatures: 1 Fiddler, and 2 thermoplastic Jackbots. Harass the enemy and get your disabled equipment back into action thanks to this highly mobile mercenary engineer.

Zúyong Invincibles (Ref. 281339-1048)

Armies: Yu Jing / Invincible Army / Dahshat Company

Spread throughout Yu Jing territory, they have become the core of the StateEmpire Army as the largest Heavy Infantry corps in the Human Sphere. Forged as anonymous heroes, each one of them represents every Yu Jing citizen. And, when the fateful time comes, they will be standing firm, unflinching like the terracotta armies of the emperor’s tomb, but utterly prepared to carry the StateEmpire to glory with endless courage and an iron will.

This box includes four miniatures: 1 Zúyong Invincible with HMG, Tai Sheng, ZúyŏngInvincible NCO with Combi Breaker Rifle, Krit Kokram, Zúyŏng Invincible Specialist with Heavy Pistol, and 1 TinBot. The pack that will provide greater versatility and power to the Fireteams of your Invincible Army (REF.281304-0753)

Reinforcements: Combined Army Pack Alpha (Ref. 281630-1051)

Armies: Combined Army / Onyx Contact Force / Morat Aggresion Forces / Shasvastii Expeditionary Forces

The Exrah are a fiercely predatory species that the EI deemed unworthy of joining the Ur Hegemony. However, as the offensives in the open conflicts against Humanity and the Tohaa escalated, the Combined Army requested the services of the Exrah Comissariat to support its forces in certain operations.

This box includes six miniatures: 1 Base Operator with Combi Rifle and Light Shotgun; 1 Base Operator Engineer; 1 Void Operator with Boarding Shotgun; 1 Void Operator with Red Fury; 1 Vector Operator with Spitfire; and 1 EXO, Executive Officer, with Plasma Carbine. The perfect box to provide Reinforcements to your Combined Army forces when things go wrong.

Reinforcements: Combined Army Pack Beta (Ref. 281631-1054)

Armies: Combined Army / Onyx Contact Force / Morat Aggresion Forces / Shasvastii Expeditionary Forces

The Exrah Commissariat provides rapid support teams that it can deploy out of any of the countless ships it has scattered throughout most of the known systems. However, due the reputation of this predatory species, they’re commonly watched by some of the Combined Army’s most dependable troops.

This box includes three miniatures: 1 Umbra Legate with DA CCW, 1 Nexus Operative Hacker, and Ko Dali with MULTI Rifle. The ideal complement for your Combined Army reinforcement units.

Reinforcements: Nomads Pack Alpha (Ref. 281530-1055)

Armies: Nomads / Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor / Jurisdictional Command of Bakunin / Jurisdictional Command of Tunguska

Created to pursue those who stole secrets from the Black Labs, the skill and reputation of the Vipera Pursuit Force is so impressive that the NMF has requested their services as support to the main force. Hence, there are always a few Vipera teams ready to respond to any emergency situation at the request of the High Command. And their actions will always be true to their name: swift and deadly.

This box includes six miniatures: 1 Marspider with Heavy Flamethrower and Panzerfaust, 1 Marspider with Heavy Flamethrower and Grenades, 1 Prowler with Spitfire, 1 Kulak with Heavy Rocket Launcher andPulzar, 1 Kulak Hacker, and 1 Rounder with Red Fury. The perfect box to provide Reinforcements to your Nomads forces when things go wrong.

Reinforcements: Nomads Pack Beta (Ref. 281531-1056)

Armies: Nomads / Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor / Jurisdictional Command of Bakunin / Jurisdictional Command of Tunguska

The Vipera Pursuit Forces are operational groups scattered throughout sensitive areas as designated by the Nomads HighCommand, so they have become the most available strategic elements of the NMF.

This box includes three miniatures: 1 Spektr with Boarding Shotgun, 1 Raoul Spector, the famous mercenary, and 1 Jelena Kovač, Detective Inspector of the Securitate. The ideal complement for your Nomads reinforcement forces.

JoyToy and Corvus Belli debut the first Infinity 1:18 scale figures!

JoyToy is bringing another miniature game from the tabletop to collector’s shelves with a new line of action figures based on Corvus Belli‘s Infinity.

The first models will be on sale soon and include:

  • Marauders Ranger Unit 1
  • Marauders Ranger Unit 2
  • Marauders Ranger Unit 3
  • Heavy Shotgun RATNIK

More figures from other armies will also be released as well.

The figures will be models with movable joints and will be in 1:18 scale (the usual ratio of the brand), with a height between 10 and 20 cm (depending on the miniature).

Corvus Belli reveals its February 2023 Infinity releases

Shakush Light Armored Unit (TAG)

Ref: 281414-0982
PVP/MSRP: 36,95 € / 43,99 $

Armies: Haqqislam / Ramah Taskforce / Hassasin Bahram
Some may think it sounds excessive saying that a lightweight TAG can crush the bones of any enemy, but only those who have never seen a Shakush in action will say that. Used wisely, taking full advantage of its potential without risking it in suicide operations, or even when doing so, the Shakush is a tactical element that can turn the tide of the battle.

Sale Info: This box includes an injected thermoplastic miniature of a Shakush with AP Spitfire and Heavy Flamethrower. This lightweight TAG will provide the firepower and endurance needed to make a difference in your Haqqislam army from your Operation: Blackwind box.

Agamemnon the Atreides (TAG)

Ref: 280872-0983
PVP/MSRP: 32,95 € / 39.49 $

Armies: ALEPH / Steel Phalanx

The Atreides is the asset that the Steel Phalanx deploys when things go awry. Agamemnon is the game changer, the one who can turn the tables, either swinging his mace or unleashing all his firepower on the enemy while he laughs at whatever his opponents throw at him.

Sale Info: This box includes an injected thermoplastic miniature of Agamemnon with AP Spitfire and Heavy Flamethrower. This lightweight TAG is the new addition to the Steel Phalanx army of your Operation: Blackwind box, providing the innate offensive power of the TAGs.

Kosmoflot Expansion Pack Alpha

Ref: 281128-0979
PVP / MSRP: 34,95 € / 41.99 $

Armies: Ariadna / Kosmoflot

Although Kosmoflot was conceived as a naval space force focusing on near-space naval operations and deep-space patrols with a tactical staff specializing in boarding tactics and security, its return to the moon of Tanit proved this approach to be insufficient. Yuan Yuan pirate attacks on helpless construction and mining crews scattered across Tanit’s surface made it clear that this force’s presence on the satellite must extend outside their docking facilities.

Sale Info: This box includes 3 miniatures: One Paracommando with Spitfire, one Volkolak Missile Launcher and one Armata Proyekt-4 Kosmosoldat with Autocannon. With this box you can expand your options when creating an Army List and continue the Ariadna or Kosmoflot collection you started with the Operation: Crimson Stone.


Ref: 281520-0987
PVP / MSRP: 32,95 € / 39.49 $

Armies: Nomads / Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor

Tomcat operatives must exhibit a great degree of versatility, and teams are composed of members with different domains of expertise to facilitate the success of their mission. The demanding conditions of their work, along with the specifics of Nomad administrative structure, dictate that the Tomcat teams work as a military unit. The Nomad Military Force has been known to put their exceptional skills to good use in combat as a rapid response support unit. Their role is to execute extraordinary rescue operations, immediate response missions, and in extremis hostage liberation actions. The bottom line is: they save lives.

Sale Info: This box includes 4 miniatures: One Tomcat Doctor with Combi Rifle, two Zondcats, and the brave Tomcats Sergeant, Carlota Kowalsky. The perfect tactical support for your Nomad force from your Operation: Crimson Stone box.

The Hungries: Gakis and Pretas

Ref: 281625-0986
PVP / MSRP: 39,95 € / 47.99$

Armies: Combined Army / Morat Aggression Forces

The Hungries are light combat operatives. Both Gakis and Pretas are likely trained using a reward-mediated trial-and-error system, expedited by the EI artificially stimulating their appetite centers. This might explain the Combined Army military designation for these creatures: ‘The Hungries’. Humans met them for the first time on Paradiso, where they codenamed them Gakis and Pretas, the Japanese and Hindi names for hungry ghosts, after their fierce attacks and their inclination to move in ravening packs.

Sale Info: This box includes 4 miniatures: 2 Gakis and 2 Pretas. There is nothing more terrifying for the enemy than knowing that the field of operation will be infested with these lethal creatures. An ideal complement to your Morat Aggression Forces Action Pack (Ref: 281616-0934).

Darpan Xeno-Station Scenery Pack

Ref: 285075
PVP / MSRP: 29,95 € / 35.99 $

Sale Info: The Scenery Pack includes a ready-to-play, double-sided printed cardboard scenery (4 Buildings, 4 Holoads, 2 Public Consoles, and 9 Blast Barriers), a Game Mat, and also cardboard Markers, Templates and a measuring tool. Everything you need to start playing!

The ideal complement to increase the cover of your gaming table.

Darpan Xeno-Station Scenery Expansion Pack

Ref: 285076
PVP / MSRP: 29,95 € / 35.99 $

Sale Info: With this expansion pack you can complement and expand the scenery from your Operation: Blackwind (Ref. OPBW).

This 3mm cardboard scenery pack, two-sided printed, includes an Objective room, two small buildings, a sniper tower, a console, two bridges, two staircases, an inner ladder, an inner walkway, and a 24×32 inch paper gaming mat.

Corvus Belli reveals its January releases for Infinity

Military Order Hospitaller Action Pack

Ref: 281233-0991
PVP/MSRP: 84,95 € / 100.99 $

Armies: PanOceania / Military Orders

The Hospital is the most powerful and influential Religious Military Order in PanOceania. Crusaders for faith and country, they are aware that their mission is to always be ready for the call of duty, which always comes at the darkest hour.

Box includes 11 miniatures for the Military Orders Sectorial Army of PanOceania: One Knight Hospitaller with HMG, one Knight Hospitaller with Boarding Shotgun, one Knight Hospitaller Doctor, one Knight Hospitaller with DA CCW, one Crusader Brethren with MULTI Rifle, one Order Sergeant Hacker, one Order Sergeant with COMBI Rifle and his Auxbot, one Order Sergeant with Heavy Rocket Launcher, one Black Friar with MULTI Rifle and the charismatic leader, Joan of Arc with AP CCW.

The perfect box to start collecting and playing with the Military Orders.

Léi Gōng, Invincibles Lord of Thunder

Ref: 281331-0968
PVP/MSRP: 18,95 € / 22.99 $

Armies: Yu Jing / Invincible Army/ White Banner

Aristeia! star and symbol of the Invincible Army, Léi Gōng is an icon of the StateEmpire, a hero whose exploits talk by themselves being in the HexaDome or in the battle front. The Lord of Thunder is the harbinger of Yu Jing’s future.

Thanks to his enhanced movement, his Submachine Gun and his Multispectral Visor L1, Léi Gōng is a hunter to be feared. In addition, his Chain of Command Skill will get you out of a tight spot if by any chance your Lieutenant is shot down.

Corregidor Fireteam Pack Alpha

Ref: 281519-0985
PVP / MSRP: 32,95 € / 39.49 $

Armies: Nomads / Jurisdictional Command of Corregidor

Corregidor knew how to reap the profit of its history to build its future. From the ashes of the African Road Wars rose the lethal and fearsome Wildcats, specialized in killing the enemy. While the Evaders are recruited from the best operators of the Corregidor space industry.

This box includes 4 miniatures: One Wildcat with Heavy Rocket Launcher, one Wildcat with Combi Rifle, one Evader with Feuerbach, and one TinBot. The perfect support for your Corregidor Fireteam, adding extra firepower to the Nomad force from your Operation: Crimson Stone (REF: OPCS).

Wardrivers (Hacker)

Ref: 280766-0981
PVP / MSRP: 12,95 € / 15.49 $

Armies: NA2
Armies: Ariadna / Caledonian Highlander Army/ Force de Réponse Rapide Merovingienne /Tartary Army Corps / Kosmoflot / Tohaa / Ikari Company / Spiral Corps

The term ‘wardriving’ dates back to the dawn of the 21st century, when hackers used it to refer to the practice of driving around town looking for open networks to infiltrate. Nowadays, the word has been repurposed by hackers who traverse the Sphere offering their services as hackers for hire, doing brief contracts as cybercombat operatives.

When access to cybercombat is zero, or very limited, there is no better option than the Wardriver. It will provide your army with the necessary Hacker tools to face a more technically advanced army.

Shasvastii Expansion Pack Alpha

Ref: 281624-0984
PVP / MSRP: 41,95 € / 49.99 $

Armies: Combined Army / Shasvastii Expeditionary Force

The Shasvastii Expeditionary Force distinguishes itself with an abundance of light troops who exploit the Shasvastii skills for concealment, deception, and treachery. This is done to achieve a maximum amount of fear and paranoia in the hearts and minds of their enemies.

This box includes 3 miniatures: One Mentor with Shock Marksman Rifle, one Haiduk with MULTI Sniper, and one Cadmus Hacker. With this box you can expand your options when creating an Army List and continue the Shasvastii collection you started with the Shasvastii Action Pack (Ref. 281603-0830).

Hlökk Station Scenery Expansion Pack

Ref: 285074
PVP / MSRP: 29,95 € / 35.99 $

The perfect pack to complement and expand the scenery from your Operation: Crimson Stone

This 3mm cardboard scenery pack, two-sided printed, includes an Objective room, two small buildings, a sniper tower, a console, two bridges, two staircases, an inner ladder, an inner walkway and a 24×32 inch paper gaming mat.

Corvus Belli reveals what’s new in December for Infinity

McMurrough, Mercenary Dog-Warrior

Ref: 280765-0956
PVP/MSRP: 29,95 € / $ 35.99

Armies:  NA2
Sectorials: Caledonian Highlander Army / Hassassin Bahram / Corregidor / Dahshat Company

“Claws for hire” were the words the Qaid Fahesh chose to describe McMurrough after their first encounter. But it is not just the claws: he is a finely-tuned killing machine capable of covering the battlefield in a few strides and, with his improved reaction times, mauling an enemy before they can even respond.

This box includes an injected thermoplastic miniature of McMurrough. If you are considering adding a mercenary troop to your Army List, McMurrough will bring a high level of lethality that few enemies could resist.

Scots Guard

Ref: 281125-0969
PVP/MSRP: 32,95 € / $ 39.49

Armies: Ariadna / Caledonian Highlander Army / Kosmoflot

The Scots Guards is a strange unit in the Caledonian Armed Forces, a regular Corps specifically formed to execute special operations, equipped with a strong regimental pride but without any clan ties, a unit that combines the best of the warrior tradition with the best of the Highlander tradition and the dirtiest tricks of the S.A.S. Commandos along with the most modern battle techniques.

This box includes 3 miniatures: 1 Scots Guard with Spitfire, 1 Scots Guard with Submachine Gun and 1 Scots Guard with Missile Launcher. With this box you will be able to create a Fireteam of Scots Guards to expand their firepower at any range and sweep away your enemies.

Morat Expansion Pack Alpha

Ref: 281623-0976
PVP / MSRP: 47,95 € / $ 56.99

Armies: Combined Army

Morat are known for never surrendering. They will always fight viciously until there is nobody left standing. While aware of danger and knowing that defeat is unquestionable Morat will remain in their positions.

This box includes 3 miniatures: 1 Zerat with Boarding Shotgun, 1 Dropsuit Taryot with Boarding Shotgun and 1 Rindak Paramedic with Submachine Gun. With this box you can expand your options when creating an Army List and continue the Morat collection you started with the Morat Aggression Forces Action Pack (Ref. 281616-0934).

Moran, Maasai Hunters

Ref: 281518-0978 
PVP / MSRP: 27,50 € / $ 32.99

Armies: Nomads / Corregidor

Dedicated skirmishers, every Moran Maasai Hunter is a seasoned scout. Their duties in the NMF include intelligence gathering, that is, serving the role of the army’s forward eyes and ears.

This box includes 6 miniatures: One Moran with Combi Rifle, one Moran with Boarding Shotgun and 4 CrazyKoalas. If you are looking for a powerful tabletop control, the Moran Maasai are the best choice. Their CrazyKoalas will frustrate the enemy advance and their Repeaters will extend the effect radius of your Hackers

Modiphius Goes to Infinity and Beyond with Two New Infinity Sourcebooks

Infinity: Ships of the Human Sphere

Modiphius Entertainment is making available two new sourcebooks for Infinity, the sci-fi space-opera RPG based on the tabletop skirmish universe from Corvus BelliInfinity: Ships of the Human Sphere, and Infinity: Technology of the Human Sphere are available as PDFs. Both can now be purchased on the Modiphius web store.

Infinity: Ships of the Human Sphere (PDF)
Available for purchase at the Modiphius [UK] [US] online store

A complete catalog of all spacefaring vessels in the Human Sphere — human or otherwise — from humble dinghies and tugboats to planet-killer dreadnoughts and space stations! Ships of the Human Sphere includes:

  • Information on the most powerful warships in the universe, including the majestic flagships of the G5 Nations
  • A comprehensive guide to gear, upgrades, and customization options for your spaceships and your faithful crew
  • Rules on how to engage your enemy amid the void, making sure you blow them to bits, be it on a one-to-one campaign or a full-fledged stellar fleet battle!

Infinity: Technology of the Human Sphere

Infinity: Technology of the Human Sphere (PDF)
Available for purchase at the Modiphius [UK] [US] online store  

The most inclusive list of equipment, gear, weapons, and vehicles of the Human Sphere with over 100 pages of tables including almost everything available in the galaxy! Technology of the Human Sphere includes:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the technologies crucial for the well-being of the Human Sphere
  • An overview of how to acquire, use, and enjoy the material blessings of the Human Sphere
  • Ideas and rules on living (and surviving!) in a quantronic battlefield
  • And tips for how to mod virtually anything

Corvus Belli reveals The Marked for Warcrow Adventures

Warcrow is a brand-new classic fantasy atmosphere featuring recognizable elements from the genre but, at the same time, including new ideas created by Corvus Belli. Elves, humans, dwarves, and orcs will coexist with totally new races. It is classic fantasy with the Corvus Belli touch.

Now, Corvus Belli has revealed The Marked!

The marked are humans who belong to the nation Scions of Yaldabaoth whose bodies have been modified to serve the elves that guide them through the fog.

Corvus Belli Launches a New Fantasy Universe – Warcrow!


Warcrow is a brand-new classic fantasy atmosphere featuring recognizable elements from the genre but, at the same time, including new ideas created by Corvus Belli. Elves, humans, dwarves, and orcs will coexist with totally new races. It is classic fantasy with the Corvus Belli touch.

In Warcrow, different nations must decide what role they will have in their world’s events. Hold on to what they know, fight for what they believe in, discover the mysteries that surround them, protect their civilization or advance towards their destiny.

The miniatures will be, of course, a very important part of the product development. The quality of them are guaranteed. Corvus Belli in the announcement said the miniatures will be plastic.

Warcrow Adventures, a Dungeon Crawler, will be the first product of this line to see the light of day. It will be launched on Kickstarter at the end of the year. At the same time, it will be the gateway to discover what the universe is like and who dwells its lands. Mechanically this Dungeon Crawler has a completely new rules engine and is completely different from anything developed so far by the Galician company.

Warcrow, the wargame, will be published in 2023 and will have monthly releases. In other words, it will be a complete product line to collect. Like the dungeon crawler, mechanically, it is a totally new product. However, the set of symbol-dice will be shared with the Dungeon Crawler.

Infinity: Raveneye Expands the world of Infinity

Infinity: Raveneye

The first big moment of the year is here… Infinity: Raveneye! The Infinity Universe continues to move forward with this latest release. In addition, a Pre-order with a series of unique and exclusive offers and miniatures is only available from March 21st to April 4th.

Bueu, March 18, 2022.- 180 years into the future, the Human Sphere faces a new challenge from the alien threat of the Evolved Intelligence and its Combined Army with the assault on the Raveneye Orbital Complex that has opened the way to the Morat Aggression Forces’ deployment in the Durgama region and has furthered the Combined Army’s conquests on Concilium Prima, the political heart of the Human Sphere.

Raveneye presents a breakthrough and change in the history of the Infinity Universe that will be continued in narrative campaigns, special missions and also in ITS.  This book also includes a set of 3 narrative missions that allow you to recreate this event at the gaming table.

Infinity: Raveneye

Raveneye offers a more in-depth look at the background of Military Orders (PanO), Ariadna (Dawn planet and Kosmoflot), Corregidor (Nomads), the Morat (E. Combined) and NA2 (mercenaries), as well as new troops for these armies, with special emphasis on Morat.

With this book we will learn about the fall of the monastery-fortress of Strelsau, the second death of Joan of Arc, the re-foundation of the Teutonic Order, the sacrifice of Corregidor’s Satellite Module and his oath to Never Forget, the new territories of Ariadna both on the planet and in space, and how Morat history and society is determined by their violent, warlike and slave-like character making them the most feared race in the galaxy. 

It also includes three narrative scenarios recreating the assault on this orbital station that can be played in campaign mode or independently. Plus 4 painting tutorials for Military Order Cruisers, Corregidor Intruders, Kosmoflot Para-Commandos and Morat Vanguard Infantry.

Connect now and lead your elite force into the most dangerous war zones of the Human Sphere!

In addition, and only during Pre-order, the exclusive miniature RAVENEYE OFFICER PRE-ORDER EXCLUSIVE EDITION free with Infinity: Raveneye book.

Raveneye Officers are the communications-monitoring techs of the Raveneye Orbital Complex. All of them are qualified communications and systems engineers who have been trained in naval gunnery too. Raveneye Officers have completed intensive tactical training for naval operations, particularly counter-boarding, so they are ready to join the crew of any battleship, be it with Starmada or with the allied fleet of the Concilium Coordinated Command.

Even being from the O-12’s Starmada, this comms and orbital gunnery specialist is a good addition to the army lists of the three allies of O-12 in the Raveneye Orbital Complex.

Get now this exclusive miniature!

Infinity Nebula of Mirrors Unleashed in Print from Modiphius

Infinity Nebula of Mirrors

Modiphius has announced the release of the Infinity Nebula of Mirrors campaign in print which is available on Modiphius.net. The PDF is already available on Modiphius UKModiphius US, and DriveThruRPG.com. Here are the details on this awesome campaign!


This pulse-pounding espionage campaign draws the PCs deep into the darkest secrets of the Human Sphere. Betrayed by their friends, and with their enemies turning into strange allies, can they untangle their twisted triangle of allegiances before the Code Infinity unleashes its destructive force?

A terrifying sequence of events is set in motion when a simple “babysitting” operation fails catastrophically on a Dawn caravanserai. Burned by O-12, can the PCs track down the traitors responsible and learn the truth about the O-12’s shadowy Charon Committee?

From the bitter majesty of Dawn to the oppressive battlegrounds of Paradiso, they will soon learn that not all threats to the Human Sphere come from the Combined Army, and the enemy without pales to the enemy within!

In this book, you’ll find:

  • A deep dive into the shadowy past of the O-12 where the ends always justified the means.
  • New conflicts with Ikari Company and Druze society mercenaries.
  • A fully detailed caravanserai and story hooks.
  • Maps and actions scenes including a docking bay and a bar shootout.
  • New adversaries such as Amaunet, Ziad Arslan, the Bellerophon Corporation, and Spiral Corps.
  • A return to one of the pivotal locations in the Infinity universe’s history.
  • Information on the Charon Committee, a sinister O-12 think-tank, whose members are not to be trusted.
  • A Combined Army a ack on Runenberg where the PCs must hold the line!
  • A powerboat chase through flooded ruins
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