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HeroClix Online Announces Instant Access, Delivers New Starter Set To All Players

The developers of HeroClix Online, the digital transliteration of the popular turn-based collectible miniatures game, have made collecting, creating a force and joining the battle easier than ever. Beginning today, all new players will enjoy instant access to the online game and account creation, with a free download. In addition, all new and existing accounts will receive a free WizKids Original Starter Set to get started building their force.

Virtual figures included in the WizKids Original Starter Set are Steam, Vayne, Scarlet Shadow, Saiga, Black Wave, Reincarnator, Mayax, Von Grusom, Mistress Von Grusom, and V.I.L.E. Soldier.

Since launch in 2011, HeroClix Online has added numerous digital collections, maps, tournaments and features to the game, for a total of over 700 figures to date, including Gravity Feeds, Starter Packs, Fast Forces and Sets, with additional collections slated to release this year.


HeroClix Online Announces ‘War of the Shards’ Event

The developers of HeroClix Online have announced a new six-week tournament series titled ‘War of the Shards’ in which one lucky hero will receive an invitation to this year’s HeroClix World event, to be held at Gen Con 2013 in Indianapolis, IN August 15-18.

Each week of the event will feature a new Themed tournament based on an Infinity Gem from the Infinity Gauntlet—and each week gives players more chances to increase their overall scores.

The goal for participants is to collect as many Gem Shards (through tournament wins) from as many different Infinity Gems as they can.  At the end of the series HeroClix Online will be inviting one lucky hero to HeroClix Worlds and offering them a physical 2013 Marvel con exclusive figure of their choice. Second Place will also receive a 2013 Marvel con exclusive figure and all participants will be entered in a random drawing for the physical Thanos figure.

Following the event Gem Shards can be used in casual matches as obstacles for, or to attack, opponents.

The full announcement, rules and regulations can be found on the HeroClix Online forums.

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HeroClix Online Previews Amazing Spider-Man Comic Figures Ahead of Physical Launch

In a great use of digital, Heroclix Online will be previewing figures digitally that’ll be available in the next physical Heroclix expansion. Players, fans and collectors need not wait for the physical HeroClix Amazing Spider-Man set release next month to check out some of the latest figures to join the realm! HeroClix Online today announced a preview, making four famed figures from the collection—straight from the pages of the long running comic Amazing Spider-Man— available in the digital game beginning this week.

The HeroClix Online preview includes Marvel characters Spider-Man, Zuvembie, Blade and Lizard. Each figure will be available for one week only as a new figure is introduced.

Full HeroClix Online Amazing Spider-Man comic-based preview schedule:

Jan. 10-16: Spider-Man
Jan. 17-23: Zuvembie
Jan. 24-30: Blade
Jan. 31-Feb.6: Lizard

The physical HeroClix Amazing Spider-Man set will hit store shelves next month.

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HeroClix Online Announces New DC Comics Content

Developers of HeroClix Online have announced the latest DC Comics collection to hit the server—Batman Streets of Gotham Fast Forces. The latest pack adds six new figures to the online game, with free virtual redemption codes available in physical Batman Streets of Gotham Fast Forces packs.

Now available online, figures in the new pack include DC Comics’ Oracle, Lady Blackhawk, Huntress, Black Canary, DC Comics’ The Hawk and Dove.

Additionally, players who purchase the physical Batman Streets of Gotham Fast Forces will receive free codes for each figure’s virtual counterpart in HeroClix Online.

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HeroClix Online Presents “Season’s Grootings” Holiday Celebration

WizKids Games announced a special holiday celebration for players and fans of HeroClix Online, entitled Season’s Grootings. As part of the celebration, developers have delivered a free Marvel Groot figure to all active accounts and are giving away several in-game objects including a festive Season’s Grootings object, Holiday Tree, Ole Claus and Snowman.  The celebration runs through January 2, 2013.

As part of the festivities, one Marvel Groot figure has been delivered to all active HeroClix Online accounts as of today. To claim their special gift, players will need to log in to their account before the end of the Season’s Grootings celebration.

Additionally, developers have designed four in-game holiday objects that can be used as obstacles for, or to attack, opponents in matches and tournaments. Objects include a Holiday Tree, Ole Clause and Snowman. New this year is the Season’s Grootings object, a festive Groot-like object that randomly gift players one of 44 standard powers during play.

Players have multiple ways to pick up the holiday objects, including in game or via the HeroClix Online forums or Facebook page. The special Season’s Grootings object will be awarded to all Marvel tournament participants during the celebration.

“We wish the HeroClix and HeroClix Online communities a happy holiday season,” said Jerome Gonyeau, Marketing Manager at WizKids Games.

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HeroClix Online Announces Thanksgiving Festivities

Developers of HeroClix Online have announced a Thanksgiving Special, offering 50% off ClixBux today through Sunday, November 25.

Additionally, a special in-game Thanksgiving Turkey object will be awarded to all tournament participants today through Wednesday, November 28. Unlike previous objects, the Thanksgiving Turkey has power to restore clix health for an added bonus.

More details are available on the HeroClix Online web site.

HeroClix Online Introduces New Figure of the Week: Marvel’s The Avengers Movie Team Pack

Developers of HeroClix Online yesterday announced an all new Figure of the Week program, featuring Marvel’s The Avengers Movie Team Pack. The program introduces 12 new figures to the online game, three available per week starting today through October 10.

Check out the full schedule below:

Sept. 13-19: Volstagg, Hogun and Fandral
Sept. 20-26: Skrull General, Skrull Saboteur and Skrull Warrior
Sept. 27-Oct.3: Nick Fury, Black Widow and SHIELD Enforcer
Oct. 4-10: Johann Schmidt, HYDRA Footsoldier and HYDRA Technician

For more information on HeroClix Online, visit hco.heroclix.com.


HeroClix Online Announces DC Comics Justice League Fast Forces

Developers of HeroClix Online today announced the latest collection of DC Comics characters set to hit the server on August 23. Developed under license with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and in partnership with DC Entertainment, the Justice League Fast Forces figures will add six prominent DC Comics characters with all new powers to the online game. As with previously released sets, the new figures can be obtained both in game and via codes in physical Justice League products.

The new Fast Forces includes six popular DC Comics Super Heroes—Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash and Cyborg.

Providing players with more than one way to collect, free codes for the virtual Fast Forces can be found in physical Justice League Fast Forces and redeemed in game, beginning August 23.

The new Super Hero figures can be used alongside all other DC Comics figures, in DC Comics tournaments and maps.

HeroClix Online Announces DC Comics’ The Dark Knight Rises Figure of the Week

HeroClix Online developers today announced the latest set to join the “Figure of the Week” program, showcasing over a half dozen all-new figures from DC ComicsThe Dark Knight Rises collection. The Dark Knight Rises Figure of the Week will run today through early September.

Find the full Figure of the Week schedule below, detailing which figures will be available each week:

July 26-Aug. 1: Batman
Aug. 2-8: Bruce Wayne
Aug. 9-15: Catwoman
Aug. 16-22: Bane
Aug. 23-29: Rachel Dawes (from Batman Begins and The Dark Knight)
Aug. 30-Sept. 5: John Blake

During the Figure of the Week program, two individual figures from an upcoming set are made available weekly for a limited time. More information on the Figure of the Week program can be found here.

HeroClix Online Announces Marvel’s Chaos War Fast Forces

NECA/Wizkids, developers of HeroClix Online announced the inclusion of a new Marvel collection, Chaos War Fast Forces, adding six new figures to the online game.

The six new figures include Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Wasp, Mockingbird and Scarlet Witch and may be used in game alongside all other Marvel figures and maps.

As with recent Marvel content, fans and players can find codes for the virtual Fast Forces within physical Chaos War Fast Forces products at participating hobby and comic shops starting Wednesday, July 11. Codes can be redeemed in game starting July 17.

For more information on HeroClix Online, visit www.hco.heroclix.com.

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