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Marvel Dice Masters: Marvel Knights OP

Wizkids‘ next organized play event for their popular Dice Masters game features characters from the darker side of Marvel Comics. Marvel Dice Masters: Marvel Knights OP allows players to participate at local events help by their local game store and where they can win cards for Black Widow, Daredevil, and the Punisher.

Check with your local store to see if they’re participating so you can try to win the below!

Marvel Dice Masters Marvel Knights OP Black WidowBlack Widow: Stinger

Black Widow is a popular character and card in the Dice Masters game, especially her Avengers vs X-Men “Tsarina” die and card.

Here, Black Widow is the participation card using the die from the Marvel Dice Masters: Amazing Spider-Man set. It’s an alternate art card featuring cover art from Black Widow (2014) #13.

The “Stinger” version of the card is the second best version currently of the character as a cheap 2 cost shield that also features Aftershock. Aftershock allows you to deal 1 damage to a target character die or player when Black Widow is KO’d. That opens up some cool options for players especially with so many using KO to trigger various affects in the games.

As a participation prize, this is a solid card with some cool artwork.

Marvel Dice Masters Marvel Knights OP DaredevilDaredevil: Marvel Knight

One of the two prize cards in the set, this one is pretty cool for the art, the text and the fact it creates a new affiliation in the game.

The first thing that stands out to me is that you’re able to use the die from both Marvel Dice Masters: Amazing Spider-Man and Marvel Dice Masters: Age of Ultron. Both sets feature Daredevil and the stats for the dice for each set is the same. The brown coloring for the card makes me believe that the Marvel Dice Masters: Amazing Spider-Man die is the one you’re supposed to be using.

The die also is one of two in this set with the affiliation “MK” for Marvel Knights, the other being the Punisher also in the set. There aren’t others so far with this affiliation, but expect it down the road, especially due to the popularity of Marvel’s Netflix shows.

The card to me feels like a Sidekick killer, where you’d get it out early and with its ability you’d be able to deal damage and possibly take none. The 3 purchase cost and cheap fielding cost makes it an interesting addition to a swarm team.

Marvel Dice Masters Marvel Knights OP The PunisherPunisher: Marvel Knight

The other prize for this organized play event is the return of the Punisher. We haven’t seen this character since the Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs X-Men set, the first to ever been released. So, for those who started playing after or don’t have access to that set, this card is a bit less useful unlike the above two which use dice from more recent sets.

This card has the “MK” affiliation like Daredevil above and with a cost of 6 to purchase, it’s a bit pricey. But, for that price you get some solid defensive/offensive abilities. The card allows you to deal damage to your opponent of an equal amount you take due to an opposing “when fielded” ability. That’s a solid ability especially with Green Goblin “Gobby” still being a popular card and die to use in tournaments.

So, the use of this one is pretty straight forward, plop him in the field and smile as your deterrent causes havoc.

2014 Wizkids Open Announced

wizkids open 2014Today, Wizkids announced the first annual Wizkids Open tournament, to be held at participating retail locations across the U.S. this fall. Featuring some of the hottest games of the year, including Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men, HeroClix, and Star Trek Attack Wing, players will compete in head-to-head battles to earn glory, exclusive prizes and their rightful place in the 2015 National Championships.

The WizKids Open is WizKids’ first ever officially sponsored regional gaming event. This year’s event will be hosted at seven stores, spanning from coast to coast. Most will support regional championships for HeroClix, Dice Masters and Attack Wing as well as smaller events and the ability to buy product that was typically only available for purchase from conventions.

Each location will be offering for-sale exclusive items and awarding special participation prizes to players as well as providing the opportunity to compete with the best players in their area.

The turn out and success of this inaugural event will determine if this will indeed be a yearly thing. There’s also a possbility for other stores to join in in future ones based on their event registration participation, the number of events held, product ordered, their history of running these types of events, and generally how the store is laid out. They are also working on expanding this for international stores as well.

participating_stores exclusive_product

Wizkids Updates on Avengers Vs. X-Men Dice Masters

avengers vs xmen dice mastersIt hasn’t been easy to get a hold of Wizkids‘ new game Avengers Vs. X-Men Dice Masters. Demand has exceeded supply which has left stock short since the launch and prices skyrocketing on the secondary market. The $15 starter set has easily commanded $40 and up with prices at times ending over $60 in auctions. So, yeah, grab the game if you can find it.

Wizkids has sent out an email with an update as to where things stand.

The next wave of Starters will arrive at the end of June with another wave of Gravity Feeds arriving in late July.  Despite our best efforts to fill demand with these reprints, the product is still pre-selling before it arrives.   We were able to bring on a very sizable amount of capacity, which has enabled us to add a reprint to the schedule (available in September).

We are also keeping an eye on the longshoremen labor dispute on the U.S. West Coast, and will deal with that issue if and when it happens.  Obviously, any sort of strike will ripple through most of our product lines so we’re monitoring the situation keenly.

The short version of the above is, buy it if you can find it, but expect more shortages for a bit. Wizkids is ramping things up, and they think they’ll be the largest dice manufacturer in the world when they’re done getting to max capacity.

While there is a short supply, that  hasn’t stopped the company from thinking about in-story organized play. With that in mind, they’ve released a format they’ve dubbed the Rainbow Draft. It’s an interesting format and should be interesting when things get officially underway.wizkids

WizKids' Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men News

dicemasters_group2WizKids‘ President Justin Ziran took to the company’s blog to address the shortage of their latest (and newest hot) game, WizKids Dice Masters. The game, which has an Avengers vs. X-Men theme, spun out of another WizKids game Quarriors, with a collectible twist. 4 years later…..

The demand for the game has skyrocketed, especially after it debuted before retailers at the GAMA Trade Show. That lead to surge of interest for the starters, though boosters are available. Luckily, WizKids has rushed out 2 reprints, that will carry the product through to the next release in September X-Men.

Basically, expect some initial shortages, and WizKids has apologized. It’s an interesting blog post that goes into shipping and some other details that might be fascinating to those who like a peak behind the curtain that is the game business. It also shoots down some rumors running around.

So, knowing all of that, does this affect your interest in getting the game or when you plan to get it?