A first Look at the Marvel Universe Miniature Game Character Cards

We’ve got a first look at the character cards for Knight Models‘ upcoming game Marvel Universe Miniature Game.

It looks like the company has done a decent job at capturing some of the flavor of not just comic books, but even some of the fighting video games that have featured comic characters. They have some solid details of not just the name they might be known as such as Iron Man, but also their regular name, such as Tony Stark. This is important in that you can only have the same “real name” once on your team. So two version of Iron Man with Tony Stark would be out. But, you can have a Steve Rogers Captain America as well as a Sam Wilson Captain America.

As we explained previously, Power is how much a character has to spend each turn to do things. Speed is broken in to multiple movement sets which cost different amounts. There’s strength, an attack skill, agility, stamina, and willpower. Attack is what you’d use to do exactly that, while agility allows you to dodge, and stamina would be how much you get damaged.

In the defense section there’s a shield, brain, star, and Eye of Agamotto, which is used to defend against physical, mental, energy, and supernatural attacks.

Skills, we don’t know much about other than they’ll be explained in the rulebook. We don’t know the extent of skills and exactly what they do other than adding to various aspects of the character.

The level section is used to figure out the affiliation, which is part of the way you put together your team and the number helps balance the game for team building.

With attacks, we discussed in earlier posts that you’ll only be able to use attacks a certain amount of times such as every turn, as much as you can, or once per game. Special powers is a similar thing, with a frequency, and with different effects.

Endurance is the final section and as a character is damaged they get weaker and receive bonuses or negatives depending on the section. When you get to the red section, if you fail a stamina roll you’ll get KO’ed and be out of the game.

As a whole, the character cards are an interesting aspect making an easy to understand way to add new characters to the game and quickly see the abilities. As it has been laid out, you can see how the game will take shape as far as movement, attacks, and defense.

The more I’m seeing, the more I’m looking forward to this hitting my tabletop.

Marvel Universe Miniature Game Character Cards

(via Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher)

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