Axon Punk: Expanded’s Kickstarter IS LIVE!

The Net grows. Megacities claw their way further into the sky. Megacorps sink their hooks deeper into humanity’s psyche. The only thing left to do is call up the crew, crank up the beats, and get to business. Axon Punk: Overdrive is back, for all you Is and AIs out there, bigger and better than ever.

The new edition is full color, adding more art, new layout, new missions, new enemies, and expanded gear, chems, vehicles, and powersuits. It’s the hip hop infused cyberpunk of your dreams, fully realized – no limits, no apologies. Whether you are an OG fan or brand new to the game, this Kickstarter offers several ways to experience Axon Punk.

What is Axon Punk: Overdrive?

Axon Punk: Overdrive is an improvisational and collaborative tabletop Roleplaying Game (RPG) that is heavily inspired by hip hop and classic cyberpunk. In the game, you and your friends play as a team of hackers, engineers, cyborgs, AI, and others who are trying to be forces of change as the great war of global inequality rages on the streets around you. Because the game is set in the hyper-dense megacities of the future, the players together create a Community of locations and fellow city dwellers to interact with during play. Based on the choices the players make, the Community produces missions, gives rewards, and evolves over time – or it could be consumed by the chaos and anarchy caused by futuristic corporate oppression. 

What does “Expanded” mean?

  • New color art and color versions of all the previous art – also featuring more members of the Sugar Gamers!
  • Updated layout that is much more evocative, readable, and streamline.
  • Remastered character sheets and Joint sheets for Locations in your Communities.
  • Expanded equipment lists, including more vehicles and powersuits.
  • Expanded list of Digital drugs for AIs, Hackers, and others fools.
  • A new mission commissioned from a guest author from a marginalized community.
  • Expanded list of enemies – more adversaries to fill your campaign with.
Axon Punk: Overdrive

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