Closer Look: The Mighty Thor Heroclix: Loki

Over the weekend we opened up and showed off (with some technical issues) a brick of the upcoming The Mighty Thor Heroclix set from WizKids. We’re kicking off a closer look at each of the figures we saw with some general thoughts on their gameplay and sculpt.

Up next is #2 in the set… Loki!

Sculpt: Loki has had some changes to his look over the recent years, but this miniature hearkens back to his earliest days when he was not just attacking Thor, but the newly formed Avengers. The figure does a solid  job with its simple yellow and green suit with subtly details for the actual costume, like the belt, and good muscle sculpting.

The horns on the head are particularly nice with little issues (unlike common problems with bent swords and spears) and the curve feels and looks right.

This is just a solid figure for collectors and fans of Loki and a great adaptation of a classic look.

Card/Gameplay: One of three Loki in the set, these are the only options to play in Modern with the only other figure being Dormammu and Loki from Avengers/Defenders War. At just 65 points, this is a Loki that lives up to its trickery with some interesting gameplay available due to “God of Trickery” that allows you to get two more Loki on the field for free. There’s also the use of illusions in both hiding the point value and KOing other friendly Loki. It plays well to the character in comics and his use of such a tactic. Add in its Shape Change to create more Loki and you have a clix figure that really is a great adaptation of its comic persona and feels like it’ll be a lot of fun to play.

Stock up on those Loki because this could get interesting.

You can watch the video of the unboxing below (sorry about the audio issues).

WizKids provided Board Game Today with a FREE brick for review.

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