Update: It’s Little Red Riding Hood vs Beowulf for the Next Unmatched Expansion


Update: Read the official announcement with product images.

While specifics haven’t been released or announced, it looks like the next expansion for Unmatched has Little Red Riding Hood taking on Beowulf.

Unmatched is Restoration Games and Mondo Games miniature board game where you can pit various characters against each other. Characters released have included Robin Hood, Medussa, Big Foot, the Invisible Man, Sherlock and more. Expansions have been released featuring Bruce Lee and Jurassic Park with the latest being Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Yes, Buffy can fight it out with Bruce Lee or Raptors! Six releases have come out for the game so far.

Little is known about the upcoming expansion but based on its title, I think we know who’ll be included. Two figure expansions have retailed for $25 in the past which is what this is listed for on sites such as Gamer Nerdz.

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