Kill Team: Nachmund Revealed Including New Chaos Marines

We’ve already seen the Corsair Voidscarred but who will they take on in Kill Team: Nachmund? The long-rumored Chaos Marines are indeed their foes in the new box set. Between this and the recent Eldritch Omens, it’s looking like the new Codex: Chaos Marines is on the horizon.

Kill Team: Nachmund has more new Chaos Marines continuing Kill Team being the place to look for regular new releases.

The kit comes with a nice mix of bits to create your Kill Team including long-distance firepower like a reaper chaincannon or up close combat. There’s also psychic support with a Balefire Acolyte. The kit also will fit in most Legions, that giant ax is perfect for Khorne.

The box set features two full kill teams, a rulebook that includes details for War Zone Nachmund, new missions, and Sector Mechanicus terrain. There are even rules to allow you to use hatches to explore underground and smog stacks that belch toxic smoke.

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