Knight Models Releases Riddler, Emperor Penguin, Green Lantern, Sinestro, and more!

Knight Models has revealed its February releases for their Batman Miniature Game and DC Universe Miniature Game.

The Batman Miniature Game sees a lot of villains added with five releases including a whole new game. As we’ve already covered, The Riddler gets a crew sporting more of a classic look for the character and his thugs. Joining the Riddler and his crew is Quelle, a rather obscure character that appeared in just two issues. Electrocutioner gets a figure as well. The character has seen a few itterations and this design looks to be based off of Batman: Arkham Origins. In the comics he debuted in Detective Comics #644 in 1992. Emperor Penguin makes his debut in the game. The character debuted in Detective Comics Vol. 2 #13 in 2012. Finally for the game, Harley Quinn gets a new set of thugs to add to her gang.

The DC Universe Miniature game gets two releases adding some more cosmic with one superhero and one villain. The Justice League get a new member, as well as the Green Lantern Corp, with the debut of Green Lantern. This version is clearly Hal Jordan, and I’d expect more Lanterns to be released in the future. What’s a hero without his main villain? Sinestro also debuts in the game. Not only can he be a part of the villains, but it also looks like we’ll be seeing a Sinestro Corp down the line as well.

bmg-electrocutioner bmg-emperor-penguin bmg-harley-quinn-thug-set-2 bmg-quelle bmg-the-riddler dc-universe-green-lantern dc-universe-sinestro

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