New Blood Bowl and Necromunda Available Now on Forge World

Forge World is boosting your forces whether it’s in Blood Bowl or Necromunda. You can pick up a handful of new releases to enhance your games and bring more carnage to the tabletop. See what you can get below!

Cawdor gangs get the Stig Shambler. This brute adds some heavy-hitting power to gangs. You can equip either a twin-linked heavy stubber or a heavy flamer to take on rival gangs. You can get it now for $18.

Stig Shambler

Also coming is Klovis the Redeemer and his Deacon Malakev. Cut through the faithless with a master-crafted eviscerator. He’ll fire up your gang and cut through the others. They’re available now for $18.

Klovis the Redeemer and his Deacon Malakev

How about some birds? Sheen Birds are a nuisance to the enemy with their beaks and claws. They can fly around to easily get to the enemy and make sure no one is safe no matter high up they’re hiding. They’re available for $35.

Sheen Birds

If you’re bringing Khorne to the Blood Pitch, you’ll want to expand your team with this booster pack from Forge World for you to add some variety to your team! It features two alternate sculpts for Bloodborn Marauder Linemen and two alternate Khorngors. You can get the pack for $33.

Forge World Khorne Booster Pack

And even more carnage is coming! Two Khornate Star Players, Max Spleenripper and Scyla Anfingrimm, are coming to the pitch! Speelnripper is available for $33 and Scyla is available for $58.

Finally, you can add even more brute strength to your Khorne team with the Khorne Bloodspawn. This is for when you want to cause absolute havoc on the field. You can get the Bloodspawn for $41.

Khorne Bloodspawn

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