Squat Exo-Armor… we mean Exo-Driller Revealed!

Games Workshop is keeping up the Squat reveals for Warhammer 40K and Necromunda! After the Squat Prospector gang, we now get to see more of what they’re bringing to the Ash Wastes! Joining the gang is the Vartijan Exo-Driller!

The exo-armor was designed for hostile environments, so perfect for the ash wastes. Now with heavy weapons and defense, they’re helping take on the hostiles trying also to claim dig sites.

Aside from its piston-powered pulverizing fist and seismic crusher, the suit’s also armed with a heavy flamer – which can be replaced with a heavy bolter.

The Vartijan Exo-Driller is a Brute exclusively available to Ironhead Squat Prospectors You can find rules in the upcoming Book of the Outlands!

Vartijan Exo-Driller

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